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5 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat With New People!

Omegle was a very popular chatting app where you can meet new people and make new friends. It has been widely popular since 2009 but is no longer available after 14 years of running successfully. More than 3 million users are now searching for the best Omegle alternatives to have a chat with new people.

That’s why we have selected the best Omegle alternatives for all which are equally appealing and user-friendly.

Let’s dive into the details of the apps that work as Omegle alternatives.

1: Ome. tv 

Having almost a million users, ome. tv is one of the most popular alternatives to Omegle. Some of the most prominent features include one-on-one chat, partnership with different celebrities, and random pairing.

The reason why Ome.tv got so popular because you can hide your identity. You have to register through Facebook, and they give all types of privacy as they never keep your log info of your previous activity.

Also, it gives a feature to connect with the other sex, so you get an option to meet a lot of people. You can chat via chatbox, messaging, and also image uploading. It doesn’t mean it allows all types of image uploading. Ome.tv strictly bans adult content and any sort of 18+ content.

Though ome.tv is free to use let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat


  • Free to use:

It’s free to use in any system.

  • Reporting system.

The reporting system is very reliable.

  • Image uploading

It allows ethical image uploading.

  • No record tracking

There is no previous record tracking.

  • Country and gender selection:

You can select your country and gender by yourself.

  • Partnershipping:

You can have celebrity partnerships too.


There are no group chats available.

2: Chathub: 

Based on the user’s language, it’s a video chatting platform that connects two people. There are different types of rooms like for normal conversation, where you can have a normal talk with a random person. Also there are other rooms, where you can talk about some specific topics. There are video filters like hidden identity also you can match with your priority gender.

Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:


  • Language priority:

You can connect with people based on your language.

  • Specially phone design:

The app is designed for phones and gadgets with small displays.

  • Window for chat.

There is a separate window for chat available.


Chathub doesn’t have a proper app.

3:Monkey app :

People who are seemingly like TikTok and Snapchat will be liking monkey apps as they are too attractive to youngsters.

You can do one-on-one, duo chats, also group chats. It’s free no matter if you’re using an app or browser. Monkey app monitors and checks your activity and your data but people who use VPN don’t have anything to worry about.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:

Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat


  • Good monthly visitors.

People who use the Monkey app monthly are over 3.6 m.

  • Both versions are available:

It has both app and website versions available.

  • User friendly:

You can use it for single, dual, and group chats. Using and navigating is very easy.

  • Free chat:

Some basic chatting is free.


  • Data logging: 

The User data logging is available.

  • More premium features:

Premium features are available at an extra cost.

4: Camsurf:

Camsurf has some great features also like it doesn’t require any kind of registration. To start chatting, you have to agree with the terms and conditions, select the genders and straight to start.

It requires a Google account, also there are some features like location, and language so you can do your search accordingly.

However, it collects a lot of users’ data for their promotional activity. Also, the cyber security is a bit slow.

 Let’s discuss some Pros:

Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat


  • User friendly.

The app is much easier and user-friendly.

  • Basic chatting.

You can do basic chatting without registering.

  • Mainly free.

It’s free and does have charges for some premium features.

  • Chatting:

Chatting is kind of free on both the app and the website.


  • Guidelines are unclear:

The user guidelines are kind of unclear and unsafe.

  • Data protection:

They track the data and also use it.

  • Registration required:

Registration is required with all the features.

5: Shagle

One of the most user-friendly interfaces is a nicely designed chatting app out there.  There is an option for exchanging virtual gifts from the other person. Also, there is an option of exchanging images, videos, and audio. Also for video calling, you have to create an account first. It works great on browsers and doesn’t have any apps.

Let’s see some pros and cons:


  • Gift exchange:

You can do some virtual gift exchange with whom you’re chatting.

  • Can send videos,

Users can send images audio and videos.

  • User-friendly interface:

It has a very modern and user-friendly interface which is easy to understand.


  • No app:

There is no offering for mobile applications.

  • Login access requirement:

You have to log in just to chat to a specific gender.


Are these chatting apps free to use? 

It’s all safe and secure until you’re not falling for a scam. Be safe with your personal or financial information always.

Why did Omegle is not working anymore?

There were multiple lawsuits. It ended its 14-year-long operation in November 2023 due to many potential offenses.

Is it safe for children under 14?

No, it’s not. We cannot guarantee any type of safety with this age group. There is no specific app designed for children under 14 years old.

If you’re the one who kills time by video chatting with people, you can use these apps as they offer much better options. They are the best Omegle Alternatives available for everyone.

Final verdict:

If you’re the one who kills time by video chatting with people, you can use these apps as they offer much better options. They are the best Omegle Alternatives available for everyone.

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