A Heartbreaking update on “American Pickers” star Frank Fritz’s stroke and not soo well recovery

It has been almost six months since news broke that Frank Fritz, a former “American Pickers” star, after a stroke at a hospital. Although strokes are always serious, Fritz’s seemed more unsettling. Since his former co-star, Mike Wolfe, asked fans to pray in a statement.

Regarding Frank’s life and his journey over the last year, I have been quite discreet, Wolfe wrote. “There have been a lot of comments on my friendship with Frank and the show. But, now is not the moment to clear the air. For my friend, this is the time to pray.

He added, “Frank has had a stroke and is in the hospital. “Please keep him on your minds and in your prayers. Frank I sincerely hope you get through this without incident. I cherish you, friend.

There haven’t been many updates on Fritz’s health since then, though.

The current situation is sad.

Fritz’s health hasn’t changed after having his stroke. According to a recent article, and “one of Frank’s pals actually petitioned to be Frank’s interim guardian and conservator.” The acquaintance is planned to “act as conservator over Frank’s finances,” according to the same article. Which also stated that Fritz “had to be put in a nursing institution for rehabilitation.”

According to the report, according to court documents, “Mr. Fritz’s decision-making capacity is so crucial as a result of stroke he is unable to care for own safety or to provide for necessities. As food, shelter, clothing, or medical care without which physical injury or illness may occur.”

Former co-star of “American Pickers” Frank Fritz encourages fans to “pray” while he is in the hospital.

According to the study, Fritz’s “decision making competence is so compromise. He is unable to make, discuss, or carry out key choices about his own financial affairs,” according to court filings.

If there is any good news, it’s that Fritz, whose estimated net worth is $6 million, appears to have enough money saved up to assist in covering the cost of his treatment.

When he joined “American Pickers” in 2010, Fritz quickly rose to fame with Wolfe. The 56-year-old made his final appearance on the show in March 2020. According to TMZ, he took a break in part to address health issues. Which included undergoing back surgery and fighting Chron’s disease.

With 23 seasons and 343 episodes, “American Pickers” is one of the History channel’s most watched programmes.

Fans of the Show will no likely keep Fritz in their thoughts and prayers while he recovers and hope to see improvements.