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Best AI website builders so far!

There were times when we had to make a website, people used to hire a proper website developer who took a hefty amount and required a lot of time to set your required website on the hosting. There were also changes which were required, all in all, a never satisfactory result.

Having a website is essential in the age of the internet, everyone has it and should have it. Those days are completely gone when building a website seems like a headache.

The AI is working smartly and designing with coding rightly is truly a commendable job. These interface designs and software access can be a little annoying to those who never know about website building.

There are some really smart AI programs available that are super easy, and simple, and take only a few minutes to generate a whole website with attractive images and clickable buttons.

Also, it organizes content so well to make it visually appealing, clickable, and professional

What Are the Expectations From the AI Website Builder:

We generally look for some things when we look for AI website builders. We look for a professional look, element blocks, and customization options. A builder automatically becomes a favorite when it correctly understands the commands.

The available website builders have a lot of AI tools. Like text generator which is now available in almost all the website builders. Some builders are going strong that they automatically give captions to the images that are relevant too.

Some exclusive features are AI heatmaps, AI logo makers, and image builders that are available, and they reduce a lot of human effort.

Best AI Website Builders So Far!

1: WIX:

One of the most recent and appreciated website builders that have been used recently among a lot of people.

WIX was launched between 2015-16 and the regular updates make it a lot more popular, like customization of the website in the dashboard.

Features like AI text generator, and section-making gives no other ways to edit more. The navigation process of WIX is also very much remarkable and the questionnaire feature makes the customization even smoother.


  • Usage of WIX builder is extremely easy for beginners to use and even make a professional website.
  • The Basic plan is free, but the premium version is only 14.50/ month.
  • The application works wonders and has some exclusive features from the web store.
  • All of their plans include domain and SSL
  • There is an optimization available for SEO.


The only thing which we think of as a drawback is its pricing of third parties.

2: Hostinger

Another reliable website builder that is giving some extraordinary results. Several great AI wonders in Hostinger require only a few steps of editing. The features include a website text generator, product, and website generation to help in creating your dream website.

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons:


  • Very Minimal effort is required, and creation gives the best brand image.
  • There is a money-back guarantee and only a $3 monthly subscription.
  • Perfect for making simple websites that require no specific complexities.
  • Have a fast buildup with Auto Writer, logo generator, and heatmaps.
  • Have no money domain and SSL.


The only Drawback is that logo generator and image building charge some extra money.

3: Shopify:

When it comes to making website building for an e-commerce Shopify comes on the very first number. Valid market insight and know-how of customer behavior to let you know about your business.

There are various themes to showcase the brand and AI tools that help you create an exceptional e-commerce website.

Let’s discuss some Pros and cons:


  • It comes along with a drag-and-drop feature which makes customization easy.
  • There is a 3-day trial time you can see UpTo your convenience.
  • It is extremely good for website builders for e-commerce websites.
  • There is an AI text generator that regenerates the description.


SEO is very limited in its marketing capabilities. The AI tool is very specific too which can be modified later.

4: Go Daddy:

We know GoDaddy as a domain registry but the brand new website generation is kind of unknown. The AI website builders are so surprisingly amazing that GoDaddy successfully incorporates social media management, marketing calendars and schedules, email marketing, and ads.

Let’s talk about it’s pros and cons:


  • There is a lot of flexibility in adding pages, SEO optimization, image editing, and insertion of new pages.
  • Changing images is super easy, and GoDaddy has its stock images.
  • The AI works super fast here, it can insert a map and chat option whenever the website needs it.
  • The basic plan includes $11.99 per monthly subscription.
  • A free plan allows you to publish under the subdomain of GoDaddy itself.


The only drawback I found is, it’s quite expensive.

The commerce plan starts at $25 per month. 

Why AI web builders are our future:

The main concept of the incorporation of AI in website buildings is to have ease in your life. There is some exclusive and unique tool that gives some great extraordinary website interfaces.

AI incorporation is a future thing as the coming era is all about automation.

Best AI website builder for e-commerce 

Talking about the AI website builders for e-commerce, there are some exclusive features to support your website and enhance your sales.

Shopify stands on top in my opinion, Hostinger, Jimdo, and Hostinger give a nice feature too.

2. Best AI website builder for affiliate marketing:

Several AI builders work well for affiliate marketing. WordPress, WIX, Editor X, and web flow.

3. Best AI website builder for free

Some basic features are available with the best AI website builder for free. Like WIX, WordPress, and others.


Can AI build e-commerce websites?

Yes, some AI e-commerce website builders give exclusive features. Shopify Stands out in this category.

Can we use AI for writing purposes?

Yes. Some exclusive features are available in most of the website builders. Writersonic is one of them.

What AI is good for website designing?

Some AI website builders are available for website design.

WIX, Jimdo and Codewp stands out Anong them 

What are some free website builders?

Yes, some exclusive features are Available for WordPress and you can use some basic features for free. WIX also gives these features.

How much does an AI website builder cost?

There are different type of website builders with different offerings. And a free version as well.


AI website builders are getting popular day by day as website creations are becoming necessary. All the above website builders are flexible and customizable and can make your website user-friendly with a friendly look. Our top recommendations include WIX and Hostinger. I hope that your search for the best AI website builder ends here.

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