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Best Anti-virus Software of This Year!

With the rise of technologies Antivirus software also needs to be smart and much advance to protect your information and data. There are many antivirus available in the market and we have tested them and made a list of the 5 best anti-virus software that you can have.

What is an Antivirus Software?

 If you don’t use antivirus software, you’re on the verge of losing your personal or commercial data to malware or something you wouldn’t know.

The dark web and cyber thieves have now become very smart with their tricks to scam you. 

There are some advanced Antiviruses also available that will protect you and also will make you aware of any cyberattack.

After installing antivirus software, you will be protected from any harm.

How to select an Antivirus software to download?

There are some key factors that you have to look at before installing any Antiviruses:

  • Security

Security is a must thing to look at, but most importantly you have to look for its additional security features like a VPN, a password manager, and other extra protections.

  • Features:

Some non-comprising features like firewall protection, parental controls, email scanning, browsing protection, and some more features align with your needs.

  • Performance:

There are performance tests available that will show you the performance results of how Antivirus affects your system and what is Their performance.

  • Reliability: 

Check on its website if the Antivirus software has regular updates of its system. Also, check about updates on its latest threat alerts. It will make you see its harm to user privacy and breached data.

Best Antivirus Software of 2024:

We took our hands-on experience on almost every Antivirus software, and now here are the best antivirus software that we know with Their benefits and drawbacks.

1:Norton AntiVirus:

The most powerful and most developed antivirus software that everyone knows. One of the greatest examples of how it’s been an example of evolution. A dozen real-world ransomware samples.

It’s one thing you can have on your MacBook, windows, android, and Apple devices.

Best Anti-virus Software

Let’s see its features:


  • Good in independent Lab tests:

Outstanding score in independent lab tests.

  • No ransomware attacks:

No ransomware attacks due to data protector foils.

  • Firewall Protection:

There is very good firewall protection.

  • Online backup is available from outside 


The only cons according to us is the high cost. But you can use it for free for about 7 days.

Best Anti-virus Software

2: Total AntiVirus:

A well-performing and most popular antivirus which is also free.A very good option within budget-friendly options, and also a very user-friendly tool. It protects the device 100% from any outsider’s attack and it also offers password managers.

Also, it offers better PC optimization tools with beginner-friendly and some really good optimization tools.

Best Anti-virus Software

Let’s see its pros and Cons.


  • Secure internet package:

Robust internet security package available.

  • Intuitive apps

It has intuitive apps.

  • Customer support:

The customer support response timing is really good and fast.

  •  Optimization tools:

Optimization tools are also available.

  • Cloud protection:

It offers real-time cloud protection.

Best Anti-virus Software


  • It only protects six devices.
  • The extension version needs to be more user-friendly.
  • You cannot do safe searching.

3:Bitdefender Antivirus:

Bitdefender is among the top robust security suites with a good scanning, maintained security system, and real-time security and it provides popular operation in Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Bitdefender also stands out as it’s safe paying in banking protection, and has many layers of anti-ransomware and gaming modes. Let’s have a look at its obvious pros and cons.

Best Anti-virus Software


  • The malware protection:

The malware protection is solid and good.

  • Features 

There are a lot of features, which is exclusively here only.

  • Have a free version:

Only this software offers a free version for its users.

  • Cost friendly 

This antivirus software gives excellent value for money.

  • Great scores in the test: 

It always gives a good score in independent scoring.


The only drawback is that it requires more when it is given full VPN access.

Best Anti-virus Software

4: SurfShark:

Surf Shark is always a good duo as it gives a complete package in VPN and as an antivirus. A user-friendly app for Windows and Android as it’s very much user-friendly.

The security is not that good and only includes scanning technology as it will send malicious files for analysis.

It has webcam and microphone protection, ensuring unauthorized apps cannot access your webcam without your permission. It’s one of the best security features which was not available in any before.

Best Anti-virus Software


  • User friendly.

The interface is very user-friendly as it’s so easy to use. Even a beginner using an Android phone can use it.

  • VPN include.

The Antivirus also has the VPN included.

  • Private search engine.

Surf Shark provides private search engines.

  • Real-time protection.

This antivirus has some exclusive features which give real-time protection.


  • The firewall doesn’t exist.

The firewall doesn’t exist, a feature in almost all Antiviruses.

  • The scans can take longer.

The scans are usually longer than usual.

  • It will mind other antiviruses.

If you have installed other antiviruses, the Surfshark antivirus system will not work.

Best Anti-virus Software

5:  Malwarebytes Antivirus:

With the best antivirus scanning and protection function, Malwarebytes Antivirus offers the best free version and also a decent antivirus that has a pretty easy navigation bar and user-friendly experience. Talking about the functionality it’s a little bit older as you can see while using no updates found about the version updates.

In-house test results were unbelievable only, when the Malwarebytes extension was installed. Without extension, the performance seems to have dropped drastically.

Malwarebytes does not offer any kind of exceptional services, only offers some basic features. It also protects your devices from any online hazards and will let you consume any online malware.

Best Anti-virus Software

Let’s talk about some pros and cons:


  • Virus Protection prices:

The Virus Protection Prices are comparatively good.

  • Plan with the VPN available:

If you are willing to buy, there is an available plan for VPN separately.

  •  A free version is available:

 A limited free version is also available.Also, a 14-day trial is available.

  • Browser extension: 

The Browser security extension is also available.

Best Anti-virus Software


  • Extra devices, more charges.

If you’re using antivirus from some extra devices, There is an exceptional money you have to pay.

  • Resources are heavy.

The resources are relatively heavy.


-What are some really good Antiviruses?

Some exceptional antiviruses are Norton Antivirus, Total Antivirus, Bitdefender, Surfshark, and Malwarebytes, on the top. Also Avast, AntiAvira is also good.

– Can I rely totally on antiviruses? 

Yes, you can rely totally on antiviruses 100%on malware detection and online hazards.

-How much does an antivirus cost?

On Average, An antivirus Cost for around $20-$40 per year. But it depends on the subscription plan and the offering.

– How does an antivirus work?

It usually works by detecting online malware, finding it, and removing it completely.

Final Verdict:

There is a very vast variety of Antiviruses available widely with loads of similar advantages. But we have the Best Anti-Virus Software available. Our top recommendations differ from the requirements, but all of them work fine.

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