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Best YouTube Ad Blockers of This Year!

YouTube is convenient and so much handy and almost everyone is a user now. What irritates our streaming and video-consuming sessions are ads. And I believe everyone is on the same page. We got ads by the time we opened the site, and we clicked on the videos. There are ways to stop these ads like YouTube premium version and adblockers. YouTube doesn’t allow adblockers. But still, we will be seeing some undetectable and Best YouTube ad blockers

Here are some best YouTube Adblockers to date.

How YouTube earns through ads:

YouTube generates its revenue through ads. You can see ads three times a video and almost everywhere on the portal. YouTube and its creators earn thoroughly with this. So YouTube doesn’t allow any kind of adblocker in any way. All of the adblockers that we will be discussing today are undetectable till now.

Type of YouTube Ads:

Let’s talk about all types of YouTube ads. Here are two types of YouTube ads. One that streams inside the videos and one that appears anywhere on the page.

In-stream ads: 

The most popular YouTube ads that you can skip. You can see this ad in the starting, middle, or end of the video. These ads are non-skippable till 5 sec but you can skip after that.

In-feed video ads:

These ads stream in the thumbnail and the description. It will make you click it so naturally. They appear mostly in the YouTube search results, besides related YouTube videos, and on the homepage of the mobile interface.

Bumper ad: 

The unskippable, 6- sec long appears before and after videos. Most of us need to learn the difference between in-stream ads and bumper ads.

Outstream ads:

These ads usually appear outside the video player. It can be skippable or unskippable sometimes. It can be a banner or it can be a video.

Mastheads ads: 

When you open up YouTube, the ad that appears on the top of the homepage is a Masthead ad. It normally appears for like half a second and changes the ad.

How to block YouTube ads:

If you want to block YouTube ads, there is a need to install a YouTube AdBlocker that works fine and is compatible with all of the devices you stream YouTube. We have made a list of the Best YouTube ad blockers that work fine with all devices.

1: NordVPN :

One of the top and best adblockers that works fine. Nordvpn successfully removes the banners, popups, video autoplay, and all types of files.

Nordvpn is also available in the app store the app works perfectly fine on Apple and Android phone devices. Also, it works greatly in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers. The extension works well in all types of Windows browsers.

Let’s see its pros and cons: 


  • It comes with features like you can’t be tracked.
  • It scans all the downloaded files for malware protection.
  • The extension version and the tool are suitable for all devices.
  • It also blocks the suspected files.
  • You can make more than one connection.
  • You can have an almost 7-day trial.


The only drawback you have is, there is no free version available.

2: Total VPN

There are numerous YouTube ads available and some are stubborn and much irritating. Total VPN was successful in eliminating all of those ads including popups and banners. Also, you can enhance your online presence.

This total VPN successfully removes the ads from both phone’s Windows browsers. It successfully removes all types of interruptions from YouTube apps or browsers.

Let’s discuss its pros and cons.


  • It is compatible with all devices and works fine with all devices.
  • Total AdBlock is the easiest and most user-friendly interface that you can set up and use.
  • There are blocking filters, and a free trial of almost 7 days.
  • There is an Antivirus software available with this.


 The only flaw we see during our testing is the app is only available for Android and Apple.

3: SurfShark VPN:

Surfshark VPN is the most suitable and widely used VPN which is relatively cheap in price and successful in removing ads, cookies caches, and all of the suspected content. Surfshark is also available with the Clean Web 2.0 feature. The extension version works fine in all browsers except for the Firefox.  The application works fine though. Let’s discuss some Pros and cons:


  • It’s compatible with all like Apple, android, windows, Linux, Firetv, etc. 
  • It also blocks each time cookie consent.
  • The lowest prices as almost $3 per month.
  • Surfshark has it’s private search engine.
  • You have almost 7 days of trial.


Clean web 2.0 is only available for browsers.

4:Atlas VPN : 

Another reliable adblocker that works fine, and comes with the VPN service. It also prevents all sorts of trackers and malware.

Atlas VPN blocks the ads and other popups. Also, it includes all Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. You can use YouTube in your browser and on your phone completely ad-free when you’re using this VPN. See all the pros and cons:


  • It provides more privacy and gives protection from all types of third-party apps.
  • It also protects from the suspected content.
  • It also comes with VPN services.
  • There is an almost 30-day guarantee that you can have your money back.
  • The app version is great when working, and completely compatible with all browsers.
  • The price range is affordable. It charges almost $2 per month.


There is no specific extension available for browsers.

Other Ways of Blocking Ads from YouTube

The other way of blocking YouTube ads is to buy the premium version. YouTube has to make its payment anyway, so you can buy YouTube Premium. In this way, you can pay YouTube to disable those ads.

It’s a suitable option, for those only who use YouTube on an extreme level.


What are some other ways to Block YouTube ads:

There are only two ways, one is to buy YouTube Premium and one is to have an AdBlock. We have already discussed your best YouTube ad blockers.

Can I permanently Block YouTube ads?

Yes. As long as you’re using the adblockers, you are good to block the YouTube ads.

Can I Have Youtube Premium?

Yes. Anyone can purchase a YouTube premium subscription anytime.

Why can’t I skip Ads from YouTube?

It’s impossible to remove the ads sometimes as the creator chose this option.

Is there any extension I can use as an adblocker?

Yes. There are several extensions available that you can use as an adblocker extension.


In the recent YouTube AdBlock detection people assumed that this is the end of YouTube AdBlockers. But the YouTube extension makers work fine to hide from the YouTube algorithms and here are some adblockers that are still available for us to use.

These were our recommendations on the best YouTube ad blockers of this year. We hope your search will end by this.

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