CyberGhost Review 2023

Cyberghost vpn review

Do you need a VPN to secure your online life? If yes, we are here to review one of the most buzzed-about VPN providers in the market. This VPN provider is known by the name Cyberghost.

But, before we discuss more Cyberghost VPN and whether their services are reliable or not, let’s know in detail about a VPN, and how it can help you to have a safe and secure internet life.


  • Best privacy policy
  • Offers better speed as compared to other VPN connections
  • Streams Netflix and Torrenting options are available
  • Well-distributed server fleet
  • Includes best privacy features
  • Reliable and 24*7 customer support services


  • Only desktop version is available for torrenting

CyberGhost VPN Review: Is It The Best VPN provider of 2023?

What is a VPN?

Switching on to a VPN connection in your device provides you with an option to route your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This way, you are saved from all kinds of lurking and spamming from hackers and other people. In this digitally active world, we are 24*7 surrounded by people who are desperate to barge into our privacy or people who want to get details about us. Data is the new gold in this digitally active world, and from government agencies to your Internet Service providers, everyone wants to know about you and your online activities.

To get rid of these lurking and spamming, you can use a VPN connection on your device. When you use a VPN connection, the traffic seems to come from a VPN server, and your private IP address is masked. A VPN connection also makes it easier for you to hide your actual location.

Thus, if you think your privacy and security is important, it’s time to get a VPN connection. With thousands of VPN providers offering to come with the best packages, choosing the best VPN services can seem a challenging task.

Thus, we are here to help you by providing you with Cyberghost review 2023, so that you can make a perfect choice when it comes to choosing the best VPN service.

About Cyberghost VPN

If you are looking for a VPN that can offer you reliability, speed, huge server location, and best services when it comes to privacy and security, it’s time to choose Cyberghost VPN. The best part about the Cyberghost VPN is that it is one of the most affordable VPN providers. Thus, you don’t need to have a hole in your pocket to get the best VPN services.

You will be surprised to know that Cyberghost is the only VPN provider in the market that comes up with a batch of servers that are specially optimized for streaming purposes. This means you can have the best streaming experience, without compromising on loading time, streaming speed, or the quality of videos. Thus, if you want to have the best VPN connection, without making any compromise on speed and without paying any hefty amount every day, choose Cyberghost VPN services.

As we move forward, we will provide you with the best features of Cyberghost, which will make it easier to trust the company. So, let’s get a detailed Cyberghost review.

Cyberghost VPN: Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the key features of Cyberghost VPN so that you can make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the best VPN providers.


When it comes to speed, Cyberghost VPN is totally reliable. If you are close to a server location, the network speed will be even better. Most VPN speeds that they show on their websites are pointless, and once you look at the actual result, you will get a totally different and unreliable speed. But, with Cyberghost VPN, we tried to test the speed. We tried the speed as well as performance for games as well as streaming.

In terms of streaming, we were able to stream BBC iPlayer very smoothly. The HDpages loaded pretty smoothly.

We will let you know the local speed offered by the Cyberghost VPN as well as for a server location located overseas.


Everybody who gets a VPN connection is concerned about the security features they will receive. VPN providers who are concerned about the security of their customers always score high.

Some of the best security features offered by Cyberghost includes:

Split tunneling

Any VPN with a speed tunneling feature is ideal. The speed tunneling feature offered by a VPN allows customers to decide which apps should go through a VPN. Thus, you can add and remove any app you want by using this feature. Cyberghost also offers split tunneling features on mobile devices, which is one of the best features appreciated by customers.

If you have a desktop app, you will also receive an app protection feature that will function like split tunneling.

Leak test

Some VPN providers claim to provide you leak protection, but actually, these are just false claims. But, with Cyberghost VPN, we tried and tested the leak test feature ourselves. Cyberghost offers leak protection, as well as DNS protection in its app. The best part is that both these features are already on when you receive a VPN connection. So, even if you are a beginner, you will be sure that you will be protected.

TOR compatibility

You will be very happy to know that Cyberghost is also compatible with TOR. Although the compatibility is not as seamless as other VPN providers like NordVPN, it is quite rare to find a TOR compatible VPN at such an affordable price.

Transparency report

Cyberghost VPN team also provides you with a transparency report every month. Thus, it will inform you about malware activities, any red flags, and also statistics about its infrastructure. This kind of honesty and transparency provided by Cyberghost VPN shows that the company actually cares about its customer’s safety and security.


Your anonymity can only be guaranteed by a VPN company if it doesn’t keep a log of your internet activities. The Cyberghost team mentions in its policy it doesn’t keep any log about the user’s browsing history, their data, their search preferences, or anything they do online. The headquarter of Cyberghost is located in Romania, a country which is a privacy-friendly country. Romanis is also not a part of the Eye surveillance group. Thus, the privacy of users is totally maintained by the Cyberghost VPN team.

In addition to this, Cyberghost also has an ad blocker included in all apps it offers. Thus, the company offers protection against ads, trafficking, as well as malware. So, turn the protection button on, and you will be protected from all kinds of annoying pop-ups or anything that may negatively impact your device.

We tried to test the malware protection offered by Cyberghost VPN, and to our surprise, it worked pretty well.

Another best privacy feature that is not covered by any VPN providers is the No-Spy Servers. This is one of the most stand-out features offered by Cyberghost VPN. As per this feature, the no-spy servers are maintained dedicatedly by a team at Cyberghost headquarter in Romania. Although this is an optional package, you will benefit greatly from this package.

The No-Spy servers also offer premium hardware, dedicated uplinks, and greater bandwidth so that you can have better speed.

So, as far as privacy is concerned, you can blindly trust Cyberghost for their brilliant privacy protection offered.


Cyberghost has one of the biggest server locations, as it offers connections to more than 90 countries. The Cyberghost VPN offers more than 6400 server locations, which is much more impressive as compared to one of the VPN providers available in the market known as Surfshark. In addition to this, Cyberghost offers one of the best coverage to the US and UK, which constitutes more than 1400 server locations. In addition to this, Cyberghost is also located in far reach areas like Saudi Arabia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

For people who love to watch Chinese shows and Movies, you will be amazed to know that Cyberghost is also available in countries with regressive Internet Policies like China.

The only loophole we found was that no Cyberghost VPN server was located in Turkey. Cyberghost VPN also uses virtual server locations. This means, some of the actual servers are not located within the country, but they operate remotely. One of the best parts about the vIrtual server location is that it offers you an opportunity for better speed and reliability in connection. Cyberghost is also vocal and transparent about its Virtual server location feature. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your connection security.

Specialized servers

You will be surprised to know that Cyberghost also offers specialized servers for torrenting as well as Netflixing. This feature of specialized servers provides reliability with both these activities. Thus, you can easily hop into these specialized servers for unlimited Netflix streaming, torrenting, and more.

Apps, extension, and compatibility

If you are concerned, whether the Cyberghost VPN will work with your device or not, you don’t have to worry at all. No matter which device you are using, the Cyberghost VPN is compatible with almost all kinds of devices you may think of.

iOS and Android app

In both these systems, you can easily download the Cyberghost VPN. The downloading process is pretty simple, and you won’t find any difficulty in downloading and configuration. The android app is quite similar to the desktop version, and it has all the needed features like adblocker, malware protection, wifi protection, and split tunneling capabilities. In addition to all these impressive features, it also includes a feature called the data compression feature. The data compression feature will help you to compress pictures and all other elements, so that the data is not used much.

But you may be disappointed to know that iOS doesn’t include all these features. Instead, it has just the Wifi protection feature.

Desktop app

Similar to all other VPN providers in the market, Cyberghost also has few more features in the desktop version as compared to the mobile version. In the desktop version, you are provided HTTP Redirect and DNS/IPv6 leak protection.

Browser extension

Cyberghost VPN also includes a totally free browser extension for Chrome as well as firefox. You can easily install these extensions right on your browser, and whatever you browse will go through these extensions. Although these extensions are provided to you, totally free of cost, it doesn’t mean that it will compromise on your device or connection security. You will have complete anonymous browsing, no-log record, and also online tracking blockers available.

Ease of use

Not everyone is a technical expert, and Cyberghost VPN understands this very well. Thus, they provide you with apps that can be easily downloaded, installed, and that is very easy to use. The app offered by Cyberghost VPN is full of unlimited features, and you will fall in love with navigation across the app. Once you log in to the app, all you need to do is to click on the power button to connect to the best servers across your location. You can also look for the server location by clicking on the search bar.

In addition to an easy server searching process, you can also see the number of users on each server. If you want to change the settings, it can be done pretty easily. All you need to do is to click on the cog option. You can change the general settings of the app as per your need and convenience. Thus, as far as the ease of use and navigation of Cyberghost VPN is concerned, it is one of the best VPN connections you can get.

Reliability and support

Although the configuration and installation process with Cyberghost VPN is pretty simple, if you want little help with choosing the best server location, the supporting staff at Cyberghost can always help you. We have tried and tested the live chat support option provided at the website and app, and we found that we got the best reply to our queries. The agents were very knowledgeable and helpful, and they tried to make us understand whatever we wanted to know.

If you are not a great fan of live chat support systems, you can opt for the ticketing system, and you will surely get a response within 24 hours. In addition to a live chat support system and the ticketing system, plenty of FAQs, articles, and blogs are available on the website that can help you get support and knowledge whenever you need it.

Thus, when it comes to reliability and support, you can totally trust the knowledgeable support agents at Cyberghost VPN.


We started this article by saying that Cyberghost is one of the most affordable VPN providers you can ever choose. We stand to our viewpoints, as we look at different plans and policies offered by Cyberghost VPN.

When it comes to pricing, no VPN provider can provide such impressive services at such a lower cost. Don’t be in a dilemma that a lower cost will mean poor services. The services provided by Cyberghost are awesome, and you won’t ever complain about security, privacy, speed, or even price when it comes to using the Cyberghost VPN.

In addition to less price, Cyberghost VPN also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can claim a refund, and you will get your money back.

In addition to this, a 24-hour free trial option is also provided by the Cyberghost VPN team. As per this, you can just check all features offered and then decide if this feature is good for you or not.

CyberGhost VPN FAQs

Q. Is Cyberghost unlimited?

Cyberghost doesn’t limit their offers, features, or services. Thus, there are no limitations on bandwidth or data. Therefore, even after browsing, streaming, and gaming for a long duration, you won’t find any reduction in the speed and performance of your internet connection. The subscription that you get after paying the subscription charge, also entitles you to use any features like encryption, split tunneling, or server switching.

Once you have paid the amount, you will get all features and benefits promised to you. If you face any issues, you can directly call the support staff, and they will get your issues resolved.

Q. Is Cyberghost good for gaming?

 Many gamers get a VPN connection, as they want to enjoy an anonymous gaming feature, without worrying about the server location. When it comes to gaming, one of the most important elements that you need is speed. When it comes to Cyberghost VPN, they offer you unlimited bandwidth. Thus, you find any glitches and buffering even after playing games for hours. Thus, if you are a gamer, and you are looking for a good VPN connection to get the best gaming experience, look no further than Cyberghost VPN.

Q. Is Cyberghost good for torrenting?

Yes, if you are looking for a VPN for the best Torrenting experience, Cyberghost can be one of the perfect choices for you. In fact, you should get the Cyberghost VPN service, especially because they offer a specialized torrenting server. The VPN is also designed to offer you the best P2P sharing services. Thus, download and enjoy as many movies and TV shows you want by using the Cyberghost VPN services. The only loophole you can get is that torrenting is available on the desktop version of the Cyberghost VPN app.

Q. Does Cyberghost work with Netflix?

Yes, you can definitely stream Netflix by using Cyberghost. The best part about the Cyberghost VPN is that the speed doesn’t slow down, even if you are located far away from the server location. Thus, if you are looking for a VPN connection to stream Netflix without any issues, Cyberghost VPN can be one of the best options for you.


If you are looking for an efficient VPN server that offers the best features and best speed, you are at the correct place, as you are looking at the Cyberghost Review. After researching lots of platforms about the Cyberghost VPN, we conclude that it is one of the best VPN providers available in the market.

No matter if you are concerned about the privacy features, security, pricing, or Netflix streaming, you will get it all at the Cyberghost VPN.

It has all features that you expect from a high-end VPN provider. The company stands true to all its claims, and it believes in providing complete transparency to its customers.

Although few features need improvement, like the working of the torrent on all devices and availability of servers in Turkey, we hope gradually they will improve in these domains.

Cyberghost VPN has a lot to offer and that too at an affordable cost. The ease of use, transparency, best speed, and specialized servers for torrenting and Netflix are the features that are loved by customers all over the world.

With features like money-back guarantee, refund policy, and well-elaborated privacy policy, it seems that Cyberghost VPN is doing a great job in the field of the VPN market.

So, get maximum security, privacy, and protection by getting a VPN connection from Cyberghost VPN.

Don’t delay in getting connected to Cyberghost, as you may miss the best deals offered by them.

We hope this Cyberghost review 2023 will help you in making a perfect choice.