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How to block Ads on Android:

This was an impression that ads are comparatively low on Android or Apple devices and there are more ads in browsers when we open them on our computers or laptops. We get ads in games, browsers, and overall all of the phone. So this comes as a myth as all of us receive ads regularly or even more.

These sometimes get irritating and disturb the activity so today, we are going to discuss how to block ads on Android phones so that we get smooth experiences.

Why is it Important to block ads on Android?

There are multiple reasons why we all should block ads from our phones, especially Android devices.

  • The distractions are unbelievable. Blocking ads will save you from unwanted disturbance.
  • Seeing ads automatically consumes more MBS and your phone’s data. Adblocker will save you from that consumption.
  • The slow speed of your phone will vanish with just an installation.
  • It will block all types of malware.

What Are Some Most Promising Adblockers for Android?

The most promising and smart ad blockers that we have special qualities. AdBlock Plus which is an almost free browser, Adguard, adlock,uBlock origin, total AdBlock, ghostery, and more. 

How to Use an ADblocker through an app, Step by step:

A reliable ad blocker can be a savior in terms of preventing ads from appearing on your phone. One thing that needs your attention is to focus on the most reliable ad blocker that gives effective results without any hassle.

  • Download the app/extension:

Some ad blockers are available on the Play Store, but some of the ad blockers are available as extensions. Download their app or APK files.

  • Permission from the source:

When you’re done with the downloading, you have to open this file. There will be a warning from your phone but nothing to worry about. Go to your phone’s settings and select Allow. You’re permitting the app to get installed.

  • Activation of the adblocker:

Open the application and extension, How to Block Ads on Android Games (Add a Step-By-Step Guide With Screenshots) they will generally require you to log in or register. If you want to avail full features like VPN and adblocker, you have to permit that too.

  • More Security settings:

Now after this step, it will require you to save the certificate. You have to navigate towards more, install a certificate, and CA certificate.

  • Install the Certificate:

After the installation of the certificate, the adblocker is ready to be used.

How to Block Ads on Android Games:

  • You can have an adblocker from the Play Store.
  • You can install the premium version of the game.
  • You can turn on airplane mode.
  • Go to your phone’s settings, and do ad personalization.
  •  Some games are available that allow turning off the game ads through settings.

 Some other ways to block ads on Android:

Some things can give you an exclusive ads-free experience. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Install an Adblocker browser, It works exceptionally fine. There are some exceptional browsers like Adblocker, and brave browser that will block tracking and ads from appearing.
  • Disable the wifi. It works well when you are playing any game or doing any offline work. Just turn off the mobile data and wifi in the Android or turn on the airplane.
  • You can block ads from the Android home screen. There is an automatic permission saying “ Allow display over the apps. Click on the info icon. Turn off the permission.
  • You can have paid app subscriptions.


How to block ads from a mobile game.

You can block ads from the mobile app through the premium version, offline games, or an adblocker app.

How to permanently block ads from Android phone

Yes. You can block ads as long as you are using the adblocker.

How to block ads from YouTube from an Android:

You can block ads from YouTube through premium versions and the installation of a good ad blocker. You can have a detailed guide here.

Is there any free Adblocker?

Talking about the free ad blockers, many ad blockers are free Ad blocker is Free.


Ads can disturb you in between your surfing, gaming, streaming, and in between many other things.

It will drain your mental peace and mobile data.

Ad Blockers will give you stress-free smooth experiences no matter what activity you’re doing. We’re hopeful that your search for How to block ads on Android phones ends here.

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