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How to Block Calls on iPhone: A Detailed Guide.

Maybe you’re trying to get away from your ex or want a spammer to stay within their limits, blocking someone can be such mind-relieving sometimes. Do you know that there are almost 2 lac spam calls that have been detected doing frauds, and spreading violence? 

Private numbers and their checking can be tough. Especially when you know this person will harm you in a way. Here is a detailed guide on how to block calls on iPhone.

How to Block Calls on iPhone

What happens when you block a number?

For the sake of your privacy and security, blocking someone is essential sometimes. Let’s discuss what happens when you block calls on your iPhone.

  • No messages.

When you block someone from calling from your iPhone device, you are restricting them from messaging you.

  • No stalking.

When you block someone from your TikTok account, you’re blocking them from stalking you.

How to block numbers in the iPhone directly?

There are two ways to block calls or a person from phones completely. One is through call logs, and one is through third-party apps. Let’s find out.

How to block numbers in the iPhone directly

Blocking someone from your call log:

When someone calls you, see that it will start appearing on the call log with the number of times he has called you.

When you see the number you want to block, tap on the circle I.

At the bottom, you will see the option to block this caller. When you click on this, the person won’t be able to reach you now.

Blocking someone from third-party apps:

There is another way of blocking someone. Like with installing an app from the Apple store. 

There are a few apps like Hiya which you can easily find in an Apple store. Download it, and block the number directly by entering.


Can I stop all types of calls on my phone?

Yes. There is an option of call rejection. You can easily a person without even blocking it, that too temporarily.

Can I block a number permanently on an iPhone?

Yes. You can block a number from your iPhone or Android and never unblock it.

Can you hide your phone number on an iPhone during calls?

Yes. There is a universal cheat code for dialing *67 from your phone. This code will allow you to hide your phone numbers during calls.

How can I stop an unwanted number from calling?

You can mark that number spam, or you can report the number.

Can I block someone completely?

Yes. You can block someone completely by blocking them one by one on social apps.

Can I block someone without my caller ID on my iPhone?

Yes. You have to be on the settings app,


Blocking someone will actually relieve you in so many ways. If you want to block someone, here is a complete guide on how you can block calls on iPhone and Apple devices without them knowing.

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