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How to Block Chrome Notifications: A Brief Guide!

Google Chrome notifications tend to help you, but they can be irritating at the same time. Some websites can really turn your mood upside down within minutes.

We are all together in this. Today we are going to learn about How to Block Chrome Notifications from your phones and desktops.

Setting up the notification in Windows 10.

Let’s find out how to set up the notification in Windows 10. Windows 10, and any other including Macbook have almost the same setting.

1: Open the Browser:

For this purpose, you have to open the Chrome browser first. After opening, look at the top right corner and click on the three dots.

2: You have to be on Site Settings.

To be on-site settings, you have to select privacy and security. Then click on site settings.

3: Scroll to permission.

Now you have to grant permission, after selecting notification.

4: Ask about adjusting the notifications:

When you land there, you will be asked to notify you about it, with small popups like this.

5: Prevent all permissions:

Now you have to prevent all the permissions and switch off the notification that will prevent any new notifications. It will eventually protect you from any annoying notifications.

6: Block and Allow list:

Now what to do with Chrome notifications is allowed previously. The chrome pop-ups also show the Block list and Allow list. See your allow list, and turn them off one by one.

7: Add manually:

If you want to add some other websites, you can add them manually too.

By this way after spending only a few minutes of your time, you can save your time, and any new notifications or unwanted website pop-ups will not appear ever again.

How to block Chrome notifications from Android phones:

We get disturbed by your phone browser notifications too. Let’s see how to turn off phone settings.

1: Open up the Chrome from your phone. 

Tap on three dots from the three dots from the upper corner.

2: Tap on the notifications.

Now when you have seen the notification, turn them off.

3: Turned off the settings:

Now when you scroll down, you will see different websites with options. You can switch off and on with your choice.


How do you turn Chrome notifications off from Apple devices? 

Apple system is not able to receive Chrome notifications. So iPhone and Mac users don’t have to worry in any way.

Why do I receive so many notifications?

Chrome Notifications depend upon the user experience you show. It will give you alerts according to that experience.

How to block Chrome completely?

You can’t uninstall Chrome, but you can block any specific site too.

Can I disable Chrome?

Google Chrome is downloaded on most Android devices. It cannot be completely disabled.


One of the good features is that Chrome can automatically disable notifications when you call it off a few times. 

Maybe in the future google fully automate this, but for now, you have to do this manually through your notifications. 

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