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How to Block Contact on Snapchat! A Brief Guide for this Year!

One of the most used Apps among netizens especially youngsters and teenagers! And one of the most popular social messaging platforms. Making a streak is now one of the coolest things and they keep increasing the streaks and scores, also didn’t let it break. 

Adding friends was fun in the past, but these days mostly we are more concerned about our privacy and security.

How to Block Contact on Snapchat is one of the simplest things ever, Let’s find out how to block and unblock on Snapchat easily!

How to Block Contact on Snapchat

Make Friends on Snapchat:

If you don’t have Snapchat, install it from the Google Play Store. Add your friends to your list through Their username. By the time you add them, there will be more people who will join you. 

Now let’s see how you can block any unknown person, or maybe a known person you don’t want to stay in touch with.

How to Block Contact on Snapchat [2024]:

Keep in mind that when you block a person, you will stop them from seeing your stories, contacting you, or sending you snaps.

Let’s discuss this step by step on how to block a person.

Go to the Chat list:

Open the app and go to the chat list by swiping right.

Open Their profile page:

See the person you want to block. Open the profile Their avatar. See the dots from the upper side. Also, you can directly click on Their avatar for the menu.

Block them!

Now scroll down to Manage Friendship, and block them. It will ask you for a confirmation too after that.

How to Unblock Contact on Snapchat:

Now let’s suppose you are reconsidering a friend to unblock. Let’s see how you can unblock them.

1: Go to setting:

Just hit on the avatars, and go to setting on the top left corner.

2: Privacy Control panel:

Scroll till you reach, the privacy control section.

3: See the list of block losers:

Now you see block users, tap on that and you will see all the members you have blocked.

4: Unblock the person.

Now find out the person and scroll down till you see the profile. Click on the cross in front of the name.

5:Confirm the action:

When you unblock the person, you will be asked for confirmation. You have to click on yes to unblock your friend.

How to manage Friendships on Snapchat:

It’s easy to chill out in any social media app, but it will be nicer when you respect your privacy and boundaries. You can block a person if you’re uncomfortable with him, also you can unblock him any day to start over again.

Also, you can do other options like restricting them, and removing them from Snapchat

If you find someone doing any kind of violation or absurd thing, you can absolutely report the ID and the person.

How to block someone on Snapchat who is not your friend:

When you get a message from a person who is not in your list, you can block the chat instantly and clear your conversations. This will not notify this person that you have blocked him.

How can we hide the Snapchat story from someone?

There are ways to block people or to disable people from your Snapchat story.

Limit your public visibility:

There is a way you can control the visibility of your story. You can control it through the visibility settings.

Change your settings to friends only:

You can change these settings from everyone to friends only from story settings.

Make a Private Story:

There is another option of creating a private story. You create with one friend.

Create a custom visibility:

You can make settings where you can create custom visibility of who can see your story and who cannot.


-Is there any other way other than blocking?

Yes, you can simply remove them from your friend list, or restrict them from any activity.

-How do I restrict contacts on Snapchat?

There is an option under privacy control.  You will find the Contact Me option here. Select who can contact you or message you.

-Will someone know if I block them?

There are no specific notifications from Snapchat that will tell you about who blocked you. But you can always find out by searching for their name. 

-Can I block Someone from texting on Snapchat?

You can remove them from your list.


Social media and any app that is there to make you feel good and entertained is good. Don’t allow any social media app to disturb your mental peace and privacy. It’s so easy to maintain your boundaries and limit all those people who you don’t want.

Managing people is easy, and you now know how to block contact on Snapchat. It’s easy to block and super easy to unblock as well.

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