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How to Block Devices from Wifi!

Connecting to wifi for internet connection through wifi is so common like never before. It’s way cheaper and smoother in terms of signals and overall consumption.

Still, some people get your password and your wifi without your consent. Here is a complete guide on how you can block devices and understand.

The reason can be sharing your IP address, unlimited data usage, and other privacy reasons.

How to Block Devices from Wifi!

What are the capabilities of a router?

There are several features and things that a router has to offer. You need to know about the specifications of your router.

Most of the routers have this interface that is exclusively web-based which is also accessible through the default IP address and parental controls. You have to know and understand the features and manage your network.

How can we identify someone from using your WiFi? 

Eliminating someone from using the wifi is pretty much easy. And it’s important to identify the devices.

Look at the interface of your router. The routers have almost the built-in interface which you can access through a browser. There is a folder called “Attached device” “ DHCP clients” or something like that.

It will show you some devices that are currently connected to the router with their IP addresses and maybe some Mac addresses sometimes too.

using your WiFi

Why should we remove the unwanted devices?

Whenever the internet speed feels sluggish and slow, there may be an unwanted device having some advantages from your router and wifi. The good news is that you can easily know the culprit and the device misusing your wifi and your technical knowledge can be zero.

Here are reasons why we should block devices from your wifi:

Here’s the revised text even simpler:

Why Kick Out WiFi Freeloaders?

  • Security Reason: Unknown devices might steal your info or spread trouble.
  • Speed Thieves: Downloading and streaming large files slows everyone’s speed down.
  • Peace of Mind: Keep your network secure and running smoothly for you and your devices.

How to block devices from wifi or how to remove the unwanted person: 

Let’s discuss how to block the devices from wifi one by one.

1:Change your WiFi password: 

The easiest and most effective method is to change your wifi password. It will be disconnecting all the devices and yours too. Tell all your trusted people about the WiFi so they can connect again.

2: Allow the Guest networking.

Some routers offer a feature of guest network but with very limited access. If you have a friend or someone coming, you can enable this option and enjoy the uncompromised network sharing.

3: Use the MAC address filtering: 

You can create a list of some authorized devices based on Their Mac addresses. You can locate the address filtering option in your interface. Later on, you can add the address and can block the unknown devices.

4: See your Router’s User guide: 

When you purchase the router model it is given in the packaging. The user manual and guides have all the instructions for managing the device correctly. Refer to the router’s specific instructions to know the control features.

 Parental Control by blocking from a wifi?

As we stated earlier you can block the devices from using the wifi manually. You can add or subtract the user by yourself. You can add the children’s lock on their devices separately. If you want to do parental control through the Wi-Fi setting, It can be a good option too as your kid will not know and this smart option will be a hit smart option. Also, there are several apps available for this specific purpose.

Parental Control by blocking from a wifi

Extra tip on how to block devices from wifi:

 You have to use some advanced features like setting up the guest network for visitors. Using third-party applications for purposes like installing custom firmware for control further, or maybe having more network management tools.

Keep your password Strong:

Always keep your wifi password strong and sort of complex. Don’t use any passwords that are your name or address.

Keep your password Strong

Regular checking and monitoring:

You have to make this habit of checking and balancing your connected devices regularly. You can check and remove any kind of unwanted devices.


How can I manage a connected device on WIFI?

There is an option for pausing and pausing the connection from wifi, manually that you can do through settings and do it through other third-party apps.

Can I Know who is using my wifi?

Yes. when you look at the wifi device list or network map of your wifi device. YOu can easily find out who is using your wifi.

Does the Wifi owner know about the websites I visit?

Yes. The wifi owner can know about all the sites you visited recently.

Can I remove the wifi history?

Yes. You have to see the system log and router history in the same settings options. You can delete the history 

Can Connecting to a VPN Change the history of the router?

Yes. Connecting to a VPN can change or hide the history of the router by encrypting the traffic.

Is there any app I can use to block the devices?

Yes, there are several controlling apps available you can use to restrict a device or block the user. This is the way you can do parental control.

How to Block a Device from WIFI using your phone?

Yes, you can block devices from wifi using your phone. You have to download some apps through the Play Store. 


We all have our safety and privacy concerns about accessing and who can reach us. Also, it’s understandable from the parental point of view to lock the devices. You can restrict through the settings you can do through your browser. I hope this brief guide on how to Block Devices from Wifi is helpful for your search in this manner.

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