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How to Block Someone on TikTok Without Them Knowing!

One of the most recent, entertainment platforms universally, TikTok is one of the rising social media platforms which always grabs attention. Globally it has one of the highest users who showcase their creativity, talent, and fun, with a minimal duration span of content which includes informative videos to fun elements. No matter if you are watching to kill time, or to increase your knowledge I know some factors are annoying.

With the highest numbers of users and people who are using, the digits of scammers and spammers are also increasing. According to me, Social media platforms like TikTok are purely personal spaces where you should not have a fear of watching out. Today, we are going to learn how to block someone on TikTok without them knowing and enjoy your entertainment side freely.

What happens when we block someone?

Sometimes blocking someone means creating outlines and managing your online safety. There is something a blocked person cannot do in your account.

  • Cannot check your feed.
  • Cannot comment on your videos.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Managing the feed.

When to block someone on a social media platform?

As we discussed earlier, TikTok and other social apps are a total personal space and mind-relaxing time. Some other factors can divert the mind, and the only way is to set the boundary with them. These spammers can be known or can be unknown. 

  • When you see someone spreading negativity.
  • When you see someone doing an offensive thing. (Making videos or pictures)
  • When someone annoys you in your DM.
  • When you see your nosy friend spying on you.

 How to block someone on TikTok from a Mobile Phone:

TikTok has been a mobile app since the start so blocking someone from here is easy somehow. 

Also, it’s too easy to block a user from TikTok.

1: Open the TikTok app: 

Install the TikTok app from the Play Store if you haven’t yet. If you already have TikTok, open the app.

2: Find out the profile: 

Search for the profile with its username. You can find out the profile from your following list or followers too.

3: Access to the profile:

Now when you’re on the profile, see if it’s the one you want to block. You can also see a person from the QR code, or from the link somebody shared to you.

4: Block the person: 

Now when you are confirmed about the profile, see at the bottom there are four options available, Report, block, QR code, and block option.

How to block someone on TikTok using a desktop version:

The desktop version of TikTok is also very much developed and people use it to gain information.

Blocking someone from the desktop is also very easy. Here are some easy guidelines on How to Block Someone on TikTok Without Them Knowing!

1: Go to TikTok.com

Open up your browser and open the TikTok site from your laptop or desktop.

2: Search for the person from the search bar given.

The website is almost the same as a mobile screen.  Find out the person from the search bar. Or you can paste the link directly to the browser.

3: See the profile.

Confirm the profile when it’s opened up. See the profile thoroughly for confirmation.

4: Block a person directly from the profile.

Now when you have opened the profile. See the upper right three dots. You will find options like report the profile and Block.

Tap on the block and click again for the confirmation until you see something written like “ User is not found. 

It means you have successfully blocked a person.

How to block many people in one go?

This option is available when you want to block a group of people. Select some comments from the group. For example, if you have found some profile harassing you, this option is for you.

1: Click on the profile:

Click longer on the profile you want to block.Click on the left corner. You will have options.

2: Manage the comments:

One of the options is to Manage multiple comments.  It will give you the authority to select multiple comments. You can select up to 100.

3: Click on More.

After selecting the Comments, Click on More.

4: Block persons.

After Selecting the More, you will have the option of blocking accounts. You will see a confirmation option too.


Can I block someone on TikTok without them knowing in real life?

If you block someone, TikTok doesn’t send any kind of notification, But if a person searches for your profile. He will know.

How can I unblock someone?

In your privacy options, you will see an option called blocked profiles. When you tap on the option you will see all the profiles you’ve blocked from the account.

Can I see who has blocked me? 

Unfortunately no. There is no option to see if someone has blocked you or who has blocked you.


Blocking or restricting a person from the profile is a private thing. It provides us with authentic authority to optimize the profile and to have a boundary.

Also, it’s a reversible thing. We can unblock a person anytime.

Blocking features give us the authority to empower the digital experience. It will make your online world fun and light. This is all about how to block someone on TikTok.

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