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A Detail Guide: How to Block YouTube Ads

Lost in the favorite video of your creator and you just had a pop-up of that one annoying ad. YouTube ads can irritate a fine mood to crap. YouTube ads are way more irritating as they are now unskippable and longer. I am sure you’re looking for a guide on how to block YouTube ads. So your search is over now!

YouTube ads are smart enough to escape YouTube security and play smoothly. Not all ad blockers can do this, today we will be discussing how to block YouTube ads by using a reliable ad blocker a good browser, and other methods too.

How many types of YouTube ads are there:

Let’s dissect first what type of ads YouTube has in its library. There are almost 122 million users on YouTube and each of us experiences ads based on our search experience. There are two types of ads.

  • Skippable streaming ads.

 The most popular ad format. They play before, during, or after the video. They can be skipped after 5 seconds.

  • Non-skippable streaming ads.

The most irritating one, you can’t stop them anyway and there is no option to skip them. They stream the same as skippable ads.

  • Other ads:

Some other ads include bumper ads( which appear after, before, during, and after videos and last for about 6 sec) feed videos ( that appear right next to the video or in place of description), mastheads (which appear on the top of the homepage.)

Steps on how to block YouTube ads.

Ad Blocker works quite nicely in blocking ads, preventing buffering, and blocking suspicious ads. For this purpose you only have to download a legit and smart blocker otherwise you can get scammed or have a virus.

Now let’s see how to block YouTube ads:

  • Download for a Good YouTube Adblocker:

Find a good YouTube AdBlocker like Total AdBlock.

You can install the app or extension. 

  • Install a CA certificate, and run YouTube:

After you have done with the CA certificate, you have to launch a YouTube video from Adblocker.

  • Other ways to have YouTube without ads:
  • Use Brave browser: 

Brave browser is another thing you must install to uninstall unwanted content. It can hide almost all the ads.

  •  Have a YouTube premium version:

Here is another way if you have some money in your pockets, purchase a YouTube subscription for almost $13.99 per month.


Can I turn off YouTube ads by any setting option:

No, there is no way to turn off YouTube ads this way. You have to download an adblocker like Total AdBlock.

Can I turn off YouTube ads from my Android app?

YouTube ads can be turned off only when you install a free ad blocker app from the Play Store. You can try many free authentic ad blockers, but remember to use the secure ones.  

Can I turn off YouTube ads from iOS devices?

Like Android, you can download reliable ad blockers. We suggest you have a Total AdBlock. It works well both on Android and Apple devices.

Can I turn off YouTube ads on smart TV?

Unfortunately not yet. There is no way to stop YouTube ads from smart TV till now. Something may be on its way.

Do ad blockers not work on YouTube?

YouTube has strict techniques to bypass and block usage.  If you install a good and real adblocker, it will never get caught as they upgraded Their software to block every YouTube ad.

Final verdict:

One of the most convenient and proper ways to block YouTube ads is by having a proper ad blocker from a reliable source. We recommend Total AdBlock or Brave Browser to be on the safe side and have an ad-free YouTube experience each time.

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