Prepare for the holiday special of Guardians of the Galaxy.


Who anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy? Both the general public and comic aficionados reacted bewilderment when Marvel revealed that they were creating a feature picture based on one of their least famous teams. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Marvel recently delivered a knockout performance with The Avengers in 2012, and while their world was setting new standards in terms of both critical acclaim and financial success, it wasn’t yet the unstoppable juggernaut it would soon become. The success of the MCU may have been significantly hindered if Marvel had botched Guardians.

In the modern day, the Guardians of the Galaxy are a mainstay of the MCU and are possibly even more well-liked than the Avengers. There is only one choice available to the studio that controls the rights when a property gets as ingrained in the public mind as Guardians has. You have to use that sucker up completely. The video mentioned above has the promo for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.