Private Internet Access Review 2023

Private Internet Access

A user-trusted VPN that puts your privacy first with features that include: a kill switch, encrypted wi-fi, and P2P support.


  • Quick activation and connection
  • Fast speed and performance
  • Multiple payment modes are available
  • Supports multiple platforms and devices
  • Best security features


No free trial

  • Less choice about server selection
  • Very little feedback and report about errors

Private Internet Access Review 2023: How Good is it?

If you are interested in getting a VPN connection, You must have heard about Private Internet Access. This is one of the most popular and best-rated VPNs in the market. The VPN is known for its amazing privacy policies like no-log policy and commitment to 100% user privacy.

When a person thinks about getting a VPN connection, there are different features and factors that need to be considered. This Private Internet access REview will unveil everything about VPN and why you should choose this VPN provider.

So, let’s get to know in detail about VPN and why you need one:

Why do you need a VPN?

When you are connected to the world with the web of the internet, you may think that you are not being observed, as you are behind the blue screen. But the truth is, you are constantly monitored by different spammers, hackers, and agencies that may benefit from the data stored in your digital devices or from personal data about you. There’s nothing to get afraid as a VPN can help you get rid of the continuous monitoring. VPN routes the traffic on your network, and the traffic then passes through an encrypted tunnel through a server that is controlled by a VPN provider like Private Internet Access. Thus, if you want to get away from all those snooping and monitoring, it’s important to get a VPN connection at your home and office.

Private Internet Access: Key Features

This review will include the key features of Private Internet Access like usability, PrivacyPrivacy, security, compatibility, and the pricing and plans of the Private Internet Access VPN.

Private Internet Access VPN: Speed

Private Internet Access has a vast web of servers located in almost thirty nations. Larger numbers of servers are always good for VPN speed, as a larger number of servers means less crowding and better speed.

We tried speed testing ourselves by using Ookla speed testing, and we found a speed loss of just 3%. The speed was reduced to 89Mbps from 92Mbps. This was our local speed testing. Even though we have tried and tested other VPNs too, we haven’t got such a significant result as we got with Private Internet Access VPN.

Private Internet AccessVPN: Server Location

Although Private Internet Access has a small network of servers at 64 locations, the services it offers are pretty impressive. Private Internet Access has bare metal servers at all of these locations. This way, the company is well-equipped to provide better security and PrivacyPrivacy, but it becomes impossible to reach every corner of the world. Most servers offered by Private Internet Access are located in North America, and there is just one single server in the entire African region. Although you may be able to connect to a server to these locations, your connection speed may get reduced. Less number of servers doesn’t mean that they offer any less of a service. Their service criteria are pretty impressive, especially the privacy protection.

If you are looking to get a Virtual Server location, the Private Internet Access may not be the perfect choice for you, as they don’t offer the services for Virtual server location. Their entire server network is made up of bare metal, and thus, you won’t be able to browse anonymously through a virtual server location.

Private Internet Access: Security

All applications of the Private Internet Access are open source, which means, any third-party organization can test their software for any vulnerabilities. This means the company is quite confident about the security features they provide. Every expert VPN user will appreciate the security features that come up with this VPN. Some of the best features of the VPN include Kill switch policy, Malware tracking policy, and Split Tunneling. We will know in detail about all these policies offered by Private Internet Access VPN.

Kill Switch

A VPN kill switch prevents your IP address from getting leaked due to any reason. The Kill switch element is an important feature that you should check on every VPN connection that offers premium features. Private Internet Access, Kill Switch policy, works well on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and also on iOS apps.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling helps you to exclude certain websites and applications from the encrypted VPN. This means that certain services can have access to your real location while other functionality of the VPN can remain intact.

Private Internet Access: Compatibility

This VPN provides compatible apps for almost all devices and platforms you can think of. From Windows, Mac, Linux, to Android and iOS, everything is compatible with Private Internet Access VPN.

You can also use the Private Internet Access services on up to 10 devices at once. You will get browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, while Mobile Applications are available for devices like Amazon Fire Stick. Manual setup and other details are also available on the website to help you in setting up and configuration of the VPN. On Windows devices, Private Internet Access a combination of performance and features. While on Android, Private Internet Access offers a mix of features with simplicity.

Private Internet Access VPN is also a great option for gamers as it offers a fast connection speed. Thus, if you are a gamer, you will have the best speed, less impact on ping, and no IP leak. Can you ask for more?

The Private Internet Access VPN on all platforms is power-packed with features and functionality. When it comes to comparison, it may not be the best, but it certainly offers the best functionality on major devices.

Private Internet Access: Ease of use

The Private Internet Access VPN is quite modern and unique in design. You will fall in love with the look and feel of the modern design of the website as well as apps. The apps are quite easy to navigate, and it can be easily configured and installed by all kinds of users. The setup process is pretty quick, and you don’t need to be a technical ninja to understand the nitty-gritty of this VPN platform. In terms of usability, the platform offers a number of unique features like light and dark mode, settings to connect the VPN, and also language settings depending upon the region you are located in.

The app begins by showing you a large connect button. Clicking it will get you connected to the servers available near you. Choose the server you want to get connected and jump to the VPN with ease.

Overall, if you are looking to get a VPN service that is easy to use and has the most intuitive design and features, you will love the Private Internet Access platform. The platform is very simple and easy to understand, even for a beginner in the field of VPN.

Private Internet Access: Customer Support

At the present age, every brand works to provide the best customer services so that the consumers can stay glued. Thus, when it comes to Private Internet Access, 247 custom support is available to all customers. No matter if you have an installation issue or a configuration issue, the team will be ready to respond 247.

Although the app is easy to install and use, anyone can face any issue anytime. Thus, Private Internet Access also comes up with a live chat support system that can help users at all stages. Many changes have been made recently with regard to the Customer support services. The customer support offered by Private Internet Access is on par with other top VPN providers like NordVPN. You can easily start a chat with a customer care executive by using the chat box given at the button-right side of the website. Before beginning the chat, you will be asked a few background questions like your name and email, so that your problem can also be solved by email support. The user authentication process at this platform is pretty simple, and you won’t have to reveal a lot about yourself to get your queries answered. You will get answers to your queries immediately, without getting it delayed for hours or days. All customer support executives at this platform are efficient, knowledgeable, and prompt while responding.

For further assistance and customer support, the platform also offers sections like FAQs, video testimonials, and different informational articles and blogs. Thus, when it comes to knowing about the pRivate Internet Access platform, you don’t have to worry about customer support.

The company also has a twitter account where you can shoot your questions and get an immediate response. Private Internet Access’s customer support is one of the best among all VPN Service Providers, and they definitely deserve a 5-star rating for their support to the VPN community.

Private Internet Access: Pricing and Plans

If you are worried about the price of this best VPN provider, you will be happy to know that the services offered are pretty affordable. Private Internet Access offers great value for money. If you look at their plans and discounts, you will be glad that they always come up with amazing discounts that can provide you with monetary benefits and savings.

FAQs about Private Internet Access VPN

Q. Does Private Internet Access have physical control over their servers?

 At present Private Internet Access has almost 3300 servers located in almost 46 countries around the world. Thus, few external data centers are used to carry on the services effectively. But, all data centers are bound by strict rules and agreements. Thus, user data are completely safe and secure, even with external helpers and parties.

Q. Is Private Internet Access VPN safe?

Private Internet Access is 100% focused on the PrivacyPrivacy and security of users. The VPN uses many strong protocols like no-lof policy, OpenVPN, Killswitch, and ad-blocker to keep the PrivacyPrivacy of the users intact. Private Internet Access doesn’t allow you to create your VPN account anonymously. Thus, looking at all the safety measures and strict privacy policy, it can be said that this is quite a safe VPN provider that stays true to its words.

Q. Does Private Internet Access work with Netflix?

 You can’t access the Netflix versions all around the world with Private Internet Access. But, the USA, Canada, and British versions of Netflix are accessible with Private Internet Access. There are only a few servers that work well with Netflix, and if it works, you can’t rely on them for the best quality streaming.

Q. Is Private Internet Access VPN good for torrenting?

As per Private Internet Access VPN, they offer complete P2P support. This means, torrenting is available on all servers of Private Internet Access. The no-log policy of the platform is greatly beneficial for people who want to stay anonymous while torrenting. In addition to this, this VPN provider also comes up with the Killswitch technique that keeps all P2P activity secure even though the VPN connectivity drops.

Q. Does Private Internet Access keep logs?

The Private Internet Access VPN provider has a very strict no-log policy, and it truly follows this policy. Since the company is based in America, it ha stop hand over data about clients to the government. On different occasions, Private Internet Access has maintained its no-log policy and has answered the government that it has nothing to offer, as it doesn’t keep logs about customer information. While it is quite difficult to trust a VPN provider when data is sold at a million dollars every day. But, several circumstances and events show that Private Internet Access follows its no-log policy quite seriously.

Q. Does Private Internet Access have ad-blockers?

Yes, ad-blocking is a part of Private Internet Access’s MACE feature. The MACE feature of the platform blocks adware, malware, ads, and also tracking when the VPN is enabled on your network. When tested for ad-blocking features, Private Internet Access, stood true to its word. The platform successfully blocks all kinds of ads that come their way.

Q. Does Private Internet Access Work in China?

Bypassing the great wall of China is quite challenging for many VPN providers. And, unfortunately, Private Internet Access is also not available in China because of the rigorous internet policies of China. But, as per some reports, some Chinese users have got lucky as they can use Private Internet Access VPN in China too. This may be due to a server location nearby.


Despite not being present in many regressive nations, and with very less number of servers available, Private Internet Access is one of the most famous and desirable VPN providers as per many users.

If you are looking for a trustworthy VPN provider who can help you get maximum security and PrivacyPrivacy at an affordable price, you are at the right platform. Private Internet Access is one of the best platforms offering maximum security and privacy protection to its users. The service offered by this platform is also wrapped up in a good package of the best user interface and navigation capability.

No doubt, the speed of the server is not too great for international locations, but the local speed of the server will surely win your heart.

If you are looking for a VPN platform that can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu TV, and Amazon Prime, Private Internet Access can be a good choice for you.

On top of all these benefits, the Private Internet Access VPN is reasonably priced, and you won’t get a hole in your pocket while making payment for their services.

The platform keeps a watchful eye on recent activities and innovations all around the world and keeps its website updated for the new generation world.

If you are looking for maximum PrivacyPrivacy and security at a minimum cost, Private Internet Access can be one of the best fantastic choices for you.

The platform comes up with many advantages as well as disadvantages. But the advantages surpassed the disadvantages with a big margin, and thus, it is one of the biggest reasons why you should look for this channel as your first choice when you are looking to choose the best VPN provider.

Numerous VPN providers are available in the market, and everyone claims to be the topmost contestant. That’s the reason we came up with a detailed review of the private Internet Access VPN so that you can make your choices wisely. We hope this review will help you in getting the best VPN services. Let us know about how this platform benefited you and what are the chances that you suggest for the platform.