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Surfshark Review: Is it worth it?

An affordable and very commonly used VPN service and it’s one of the favorites between beginners and advanced users. SurfShark stands among the most reliable VPN services giving you the most secure browsing experience ever. Let’s do a Surfshark Review with all the essential qualities.

With its pros and cons, Surfshark also had its areas that can be improved as some parts are unmatchable. For example, we don’t experience split tunneling in iOS devices, but it offers unlimited connections in more than 100 countries, which makes it stand out.

Today let’s have a full Surf Shark review on how it’s one of the best VPN providers all around the globe and cover the things that steal our attention.

What is new about SurfShark in 2024?

With no log policy like its competitors, Surfshark stands in number 2 having almost 3200 servers in almost 100 countries. Talking about the performance, it gives one the highest and smoothest speed overall. We didn’t experience any kind of lag. 

One thing I like personally is, that Surf Shark is very easy to use and the mobile app is designed user user-friendly. The desktop version has some good features, but the app does lack them like split tunneling and Gpf spoofing.

While split tunneling and kill switch, the VPN protocols are wire guards and OpenVPN, Surfshark also offers Camouflage mode and No Borders Mode. Also Surfshark offers double VPN.

What are the Pros and Cons of SurfShark?

SurfShark Review will be incomplete without discussing some Pros.

  • It provides an infinite number of parallel connections.
  • For Apple TV, a specific app exists.
  • There are Wireguard protocols in Surfshark.
  • There is a feature of Alternative ID available on all the plans.
  • The streaming and torrenting servers are also optimized.

Like a lot of plus points, we notice some drawbacks too. Have a look:

  • There is no free version available. 
  • No split tunneling can be done on Apple app 
  • You can’t do router applets. 

What are the Privacy and Security of SurfShark?

Generally, Surfshark is safe and among one of the most secure VPNs available. With Chacha29 and AES-256 encryption with ram-only servers and a kill switch, it offers top security also Surf Shark is 4 times audited. There is no log policy also, and independently audited by Deloitte.

What is the Cost and offering?

As we said earlier, it’s one of the most suitable VPN service providers all over the world, and the price range is also much more affordable.

 SurfShark starter plans start with 24-month subscriptions, surf shark one offers which is also a year’s plan and much more expensive but quite good in the price range.

Also, SurfShark provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find it suitable but I don’t think anyone would do that. The best thing is you can use anonymous payment options using cryptocurrency. 

What is the speed performance?

I checked the speed from three different location spots and believe me the speed performance was the same throughout. I use Wireguard which is the fastest protocol, Canada was top in both uploads and downloads. 

UK, the US, Australia, Germany France, and Japan fall after it respectively.

What are some other features?

There are some other features too with the main offerings.

  • The ad-blocking feature is suitable for browsing. You will have a clean web.
  • Your device is secure with its security protection. You won’t have any type of malware or virus.
  • There is one incogni which is a personal data removal tool.
  • You will be getting alert notifications about all the updates.


-Are there any geographical restrictions?

SurfShark is Legally available in VPN-friendly countries like the US and the UK, but you can face some complications if you are using it in China and Its are not operating in Russia at the moment.

– What is Kill Switch Performance?

One feature that helps you protect and stop information leaks is the kill switch. Kill switches come in two varieties from Surfshark.

A soft switch that lets you browse the internet but, once you’re online, initiates a secure connection.

– SurfShark Review is incomplete without its speed. What is the general performance speed?

The speed retention rate is almost 86% overall which is quite impressive and makes surfshark the fastest VPN out there.

-Is it good for Streaming and Gaming?

You can have a smooth and lag-free experience in surfing and gaming. You can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Max, Apple TV, and Paramount.

  • Can we use Surfshark for free?

Yes, you can use Surfshark for free for a limited time. Once you’re logged in, you can use it on any device. Also, there is a money-back guarantee of one month.

– What is the logging policy? 

There is no log policy.

Final Verdict: 

After considering all the points, surfshark stands on top of the VPN lists. It shows outstanding performance in almost all areas like speed and privacy which wins the race. And conclude the surfshark review here!

Also, the subscription plans are very much affordable and accessible on desktops, phones, and other smart devices.

Our final verdict will conclude in 100% recommendation for Surfshark.

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