#TeamAlly or #TeamNally Exclusive to Young & Restless: Courtney Hope Discusses Her Relationship Status

She is considering the benefits and drawbacks in her mind.

Fans were discussing whether Adam or Nick was Sally’s Mr. Right even before she learned she was expecting on The Young and the Restless. The addition of a child, especially one who may have been fathered by either sibling, has undoubtedly complicated matters. Therefore, according to Courtney Hope, who plays the redhead, who is Sally’s ideal match? The actor notes that she constantly asks herself or a character, “What are my aims and ambitions, and what are my scars that prevent me from reaching there?” before starting any job. “Sally’s ideal, in my opinion, is to have the family she never had and the job she’s always desired. Her primary concern is that she would be abandoned and that she won’t be able to manage things by herself because they will just disappear.

Sally is therefore faced with a real dilemma when it comes to the guys in her life. Hope reflects, “She’s considering the advantages and disadvantages in her brain.” “Adam loves her despite knowing who he is at his core. However, he effectively added salt to that already extremely deep wound when he quickly left her. I can see what she sees in Nick as a result. She needs his allegiance, and he also offers the steadiness she longs for.

Which is all nice and dandy… But which man is the right one for her? When pushed, Hope acknowledges that “Sally and Adam are made of comparable, if not the same, material. Thus, they seem to fit together in a way. But… “

Ah, but, isn’t there always a but?

She admits, “They set each other off,” and she laughs, “which might not be the greatest thing at a time when she needs stability more than ever, owing to the baby!