The Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

A reliable gaming VPN can reduce ping, stop DDoS assaults, and enable you to play games that are restricted by area. The right one is harder to find than I anticipated, though. While some VPNs lack servers in the countries where you need them, many may cause your latency to increase.

To identify the best VPNs for gaming, my team and I tested more than 50 of them. I have selected a few VPNs after examining average speeds, server networks, and security features to allow you to play without lag and in safety. Additionally, they are simple to set up on all of your devices, whether you connect through a PC, console, or router.

Quick Step: The Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

VPN will let you access all of your favourite streaming TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other streaming content.

1. Pick a VPN provider. We advise using ExpressVPN.

2. Download & Register for a VPN and connect to the server in the country of your choice.

3. Login & Access your streaming platform service.

4. Watch the movies and TV shows you want to.

With a trustworthy VPN, unblock all streaming and sports channels, including free & live streaming.

The Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

The following is our ranking of The Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN on the market

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Speed: Up to 630Mbps | VPN locations: 160 in 94 countries | Maximum devices supported: 5 | 24/7 live chat: Yes | 30 day money back guarantee: Yes

  • Rock-solid privacy features
  • Apps for just about everything
  • Superb for torrenting
  • Class-leading 24/7 support
  • Slightly more expensive, but well worth it

2. NordVPN: Streaming VPN that is hot on security

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Server locations: 80+ in 59 countries | Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu | Maximum devices supported: 6

  • Unparalleled security smarts
  • Reliable unblocking
  • High-speed NordLynx protocol
  • Great value subscription options
  • User experience could still be improved

3. SurfShark: Excellent, great value VPN

Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Amazon, Disney, BBC iPlayer | 24/7 support: Yes | Refund period: 30 days | Number of servers: 3,200 | Server locations: 100+ | Countries: 65 | Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

  • Eye-catching prices
  • Covers unlimited devices
  • Excellent unblocking
  • Apps can look a little complicated
  • Below-par OpenVPN speeds

Why VPN is Necessary for Gaming

Since it appears that very little personal information is exchanged while playing League of Legends, most internet users don’t consider VPN and gaming. Others believe that utilizing a VPN while gaming will hurt their performance because it will slow down your connection and raise your ping.

Although it is true that using a VPN can make your connection slower, there are several advantages to utilizing a VPN for gaming.

Eliminate Geoblocks

It’s not unusual for game makers to geographically restrict their creations to prevent their use in other nations. Additionally, in order to give its gamers a better gaming experience, developers frequently restrict access to specific game servers to specific nations.

With the use of a VPN, you may get around these restrictions and play online games with friends who reside in other countries or access games that are restricted in your own nation.

Additionally, publishers frequently offer geo-locked skins for a limited time or release games early in a specific region. You can download that region-locked content even if you may be thousands of miles away by connecting to a server in the nation you want to access using a VPN.

Reduce IP bans

Anti-cheat and anti-theft software frequently records your IP address when a ban is applied, but occasionally, this software might ban a user even when they have not violated any rules. Either a server-specific IP address or a random IP address will be assigned to you when you connect to a VPN. You can now resume playing the game from which you were unjustly banned.

Prevention of DDoS and hacking

Your IP address will be sent to the game’s servers along with all of your game data when you play an online game. Every time you play a game of Fortnite, you’re divulging a lot of personal information because some servers even gather data on your hardware and operating system.

Apply Discord

Since Discord is illegal in some nations, it can be challenging to talk to your friends and members of your online groups. Nevertheless, if you utilize a VPN, you can select a server in a nation where Discord is not restricted.

Even if you don’t want to utilize a VPN for your game, you can still access Discord using a VPN because certain VPN services offer split tunneling.

Pros and Cons of The Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping


  • Protects you against hackers and DDoS attack: Your genuine IP address will be hidden by a VPN, protecting you even if the opposition uses unfair strategies to their advantage.
  • Obtain content that is geoblocked: You can get around this by using a VPN server in that nation, whether a game is released early in that country or you want to play something that isn’t available there.
  • Use Steam outside the U.S: If your IP address doesn’t match the home country shown in your account information, Steam may decline your payment as a precaution. You can connect to a server at your house using a VPN so you can play while you’re gone.
  • Avoid IP prohibitions: Anti-cheat/anti-theft software isn’t always perfect, but if you were unjustly banned from a game, a VPN can help you regain access. Cons
    decreased speeds and increased ping. Your connection speed and ping may significantly decrease or increase depending on the server you choose, which can be bad for gaming. To combat this, we advise using servers located in your nation wherever possible.


  • Decreased speeds and increased ping: Your connection speed and ping may significantly decrease or increase depending on the server you choose, which can be bad for gaming. To combat this, we advise using servers located in your nation wherever possible.

Establishing a VPN for Gaming

There are a few important factors to take into account while setting up a VPN for gaming, whether or not you currently use one.

VPN protocols of speed and stability

You can select from a wide range of VPN protocols almost wherever you go, but you might not be aware that the choice of protocol can impact your speed. You’re more likely to have a connection drop with some protocols than with others, such as the more recent WireGuard.

IKEv2 and OpenVPN are the most used protocols, and both are renowned for their fast speeds and high levels of stability. OpenVPN TCP is more stable than OpenVPN UDP, despite the latter being noticeably quicker.

Examine P2P Support

Nearly all contemporary online games enable online multiplayer gaming by combining P2P and dedicated servers. In light of this, you must ensure that the servers of the VPN you choose enable P2P.

Dedicated P2P servers that are intended for speed and user privacy are available from some VPN providers, including NordVPN. On the other hand, some servers, like ExpressVPN, will allow P2P connections. Some systems might not support P2P connections at all.

Server VPN speed

Your connection speed may probably be slower if you’re using a VPN server. However, these speeds will be based on the internet connections you typically experience and on how close the server you’re connecting to is to you.

As a general rule, connecting to a server in your own country will most likely result in a very slight speed decrease, if any at all. You will lose speed more quickly as the server gets farther away.

Disabling Extraneous Features

The top VPN services offers a variety of features, like double VPN, that increase your online security. While these features are helpful for routine tasks like browsing that don’t require lightning-fast speeds, they can seriously impair your gaming performance.

As your data is sent across two servers rather than one, a double VPN, for instance, is the feature that is most likely to slow down your Internet. To achieve the greatest speeds, modify your settings to disable any unnecessary features before you play any games.

Speed testing before gaming

You should evaluate your internet speed before you join a major game, whether you’re a casual gamer or have aspirations of being successful in eSports. The last thing you want is to discover that the VPN you spent hours setting up is rendering your game unusable, especially considering that some of the top games with online matches have rated seasons.

Make careful to test your internet speed with before starting your game. As sites offered by your ISP or sponsored by other organizations may give you inflated results, this is the finest unbiased source for speed testing. It’s worthwhile to move to other servers and use alternative protocols if you have the time to see what results give you the best possible speed.

How to Configure a VPN on a Video Game Console

While setting up a VPN on a PC is simple, console players must take a more laborious route. You have two primary options because no VPN provider presently offers a native app for gaming consoles. The first option is to connect your gaming console to a computer that is running your VPN; the second is to set up a VPN on your gaming console using Smart DNS 7.

Connecting to a computer

Connecting your gaming console to your computer, which effectively transforms your computer into a “middle man” for your data, is the simplest way to set up a VPN on a gaming console. This is a wonderful option if you don’t have any prior experience utilizing VPNs or if you just want something quick and easy to go back to gaming.

Make sure your computer has two ethernet ports before you do anything else. Since most laptops only have one, we advise using a desktop computer whenever practical. Ethernet routing is a more dependable solution even if you might be able to make this method work on a PC that connects to your home internet via WiFi. This is because some of the parameters you require might not be there.

Installing a VPN on a Router

Unfortunately, downloading an app is far simpler than setting up a VPN on your router. You’ll need to manually configure your router to work with your selected VPN provider, just like when you connect your game console to your VPN.

It’s important to note that there’s a good chance your router won’t support this, so don’t get your hopes up about installing a VPN on it. While some routers might support PPTP and OpenVPN, the majority of inexpensive routers either don’t support these protocols or don’t support them well.

In light of this, buying a router from a VPN provider is the simplest method to make sure it is VPN-compatible. However, this can be an expensive choice, so budget-conscious VPN customers are likely to steer clear of it.

FAQs of the Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

Does a VPN reduce ping times?

Typically no, but occasionally yes. To give you a safer gaming experience, VPNs redirect your connection through an encrypted server, which may result in an increase in latency. However, occasionally using a non-congested VPN server will help you avoid congestion while playing online games. As a result, you may experience lower latency for a more fluid gaming experience. I advise seeking for a server that is nearby and has a light user load to keep your ping low. Fortunately, the VPNs on this list have extensive server networks, making it simpler for you to locate a fast connection nearby.

What VPN settings can I alter to speed up gaming?

In most cases, default settings are effective. But you should always make sure you’re utilizing the fastest VPN protocol the service has to offer. For instance, while evaluating CyberGhost, I saw an immediate speed increase when I switched from OpenVPN to WireGuard. Additionally, having a server close to you will typically result in faster speeds and lower ping.

Additionally, turning off privacy features will speed up your computer. Obfuscation and IP modulation, for instance, will significantly slow performance when activated. Additionally, using a SOCKS5 proxy connection (if supported) or switching to the PPTP protocol will typically result in a speedier connection. Keep keep mind that by removing essential security layers, employing these settings simply increases your speeds. This can make you susceptible to cyberattacks while playing online games.

Which Android gaming VPN is the best?

ExpressVPN is the Android VPN I prefer. The Android app for ExpressVPN offers quick downloads, less latency, and access to its extensive server network. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it ideal for new VPN users. Additionally, utilizing ExpressVPN’s Light way protocol, I saw incredibly fast speeds while playing PES Mobile on my Android device. Light way is designed to be extremely lightweight and battery-efficient.

Can a VPN be used to host a game server?

Yes, but to do this your VPN must have a port forwarding option. You can configure port forwarding on your router using a VPN to run your own game server. In this manner, you won’t expose your network to online threats. You can also obtain a static IP address for convenience. Your buddies won’t have to alter their server addresses each time they wish to log in because of this.

Summary of the Best Gaming VPNs with the Fastest Speeds and Lowest Ping

When looking for a gaming VPN, there are several factors to take into account, regardless of whether you’re wondering what the best free gaming VPN is or whether you want the quickest VPN for gaming. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while using a gaming VPN is server speed, which can be affected by a variety of factors, including the number of servers, their location, and who controls those servers.