The man who accused Todd Chrisley of having a secret affair is pursuing his wife Julie.

Todd Chrisley has had a rough start to the new year. The man who accused Todd Chrisley of having a secret affair is stalking his wife Julia. The reality TV star will go to jail on January 17, according to multiple sources. He is serving time at the Pensacola minimum security federal prison camp.

After being convicted of federal tax evasion, Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley, received a combined sentence of 19 years in prison during a November hearing.

Todd said both he and Julie are appealing their tax fraud convictions. “Chrisley Confessions” podcast, but “must not” go into detail.

People are not able to discuss this matter. The appeal recently filed, I believe it was the day before yesterday, Todd said. “Our lawyers have informed the courts that they intend to appeal against this as well.

Mark claimed in his petition that he won $112k in a court dispute with Julie in 2014. But he claimed that the sum had climbed to $167k plus interest.

Julie and Chrisley Asset Management sought a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against Mark in 2012 for allegedly making terrorist threats, forging documents, eavesdropping, and engaging in bad faith business practices with Julie and her firm.

The accusations of impropriety were refuted by Mark. Years of protracted litigation resulted in Mark receiving compensation from Julie.

Mark admitted in court he covert connection with Todd in the early 2000s while he still married to Julie as part of Todd and Julie’s fraud prosecution. He even acknowledged aiding Todd in his criminal activities.