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Top Ways to Bypass YouTube Adblock Detection.

There were times when people used adblockers to prevent ads from some specific sites. Then the time came when people believed that ad blockers are essential for convenience, efficiency, and protection. But recently I discovered from netizens that YouTube AdBlock is in trend. Let’s discuss some ways to bypass YouTube AdBlock detection and more details about it.

What is YouTube Adblock Detection?

As we know ad blockers are usually used to block pop-ups and unnecessary things in the way when we are on any site for any purpose.

YouTube is the only site I know that doesn’t allow ad blockers. The reason is that YouTube depends on ads and its revenue. If they allow, the revenue can be disturbed and can impact both creators and the platform.

So YouTube has now launched its premium version which allows ad-free streaming and playback videos.

How does Adblock detection work?

You will be receiving a pop-up notification about the activation of AdBlock. It will also tell you to shut down your AdBlock service to proceed further.

If the security and protection in the site is heavy, then in some cases your screen will freeze and it happens on those sites mainly which depend on advertising revenue.

It depends upon JavaScript code, and it will let you know if the adblocker has made changes to the web page and usually uses bait content to know about the adblocker.

Does User privacy get affected through AdBlock?

If you are using adblocker on any website, you can experience online privacy invasion sometimes. You will be pushed to turn off AdBlock maybe because your privacy is getting invaded.

Information like your geographical location, device ID, IP address, and some other information can be leaked to third parties. It can be the real owners for commercial purposes or maybe creepy. 

What are some ways to bypass YouTube Adblock detection:

Let’s unfold the ideas and ways on how you can bypass YouTube AdBlock detection without any more delay. We have gathered some top 5 ways for you.

How to bypass YouTube Adblock detection

Search for a good YouTube Adblocker:

A reliable adblocker is the only way to stay outside their detection. Some amazing adblockers allow you to have comprehensive ad-blocking features that will save you from ads, banners, and any kind of trackers. You can scroll YouTube anytime, freely.

Deactivate Javascript.

Sometimes when you install ad blockers, your screen tends to freeze. To resolve this, you can always disable JavaScript on your browsers.

For this, you have to go to the settings of your browser, then security and privacy, and click on JavaScript and add the link of the site which you don’t allow. Then head back and refresh.

Download a user script manager.

Some extensions are purely made to bypass YouTube AdBlock detection.  Tampermonkey is one of the most popular user scripts. 

You have to set up and be able to use the site as usual.  Tampermonkey is also very good at maintaining the layout of the page.

Allow Chrome Distill Page feature.

Chrome has this feature to use a distill page feature to allow your adblocker to work all the time. when you turn on the feature, you will distill the content down and terminate your AdBlock detection. Also, the layout and appearance of the page can be affected.

 Allow the reading mode of your browser.

There is a very special feature in Chrome which many people don’t know, about reading mode. When you turn it on, it blocks JavaScript from the site you visit. There are extensions you can use to turn on the feature.


  1. Can we detect ads without using adblockers?

Yes, There are further websites that can tell you about the ads which haven’t been loaded yet. 

No matter what adblocker and extension are running.

  1. Is it safe to use an ad blocker?

It’s safe you use an adblocker from from any reliable source. The free ad blockers from unreliable sites can track your information and lead you toward a scam.

  1. What is Anti AdBlock? 

Anti-AdBlock is made to detect the counter to the use of AdBlocking tools by surfers. It aims to ensure that online ads are shown to those who have turned them on. With the guarantee of privacy and security.

Final Verdict:

It can be a little frustrating and dangerous when any website detects ad blockers. Sometimes the screen freezes, it will disable the ad blocker, but it’s not done yet.

 To bypass YouTube AdBlock detection you have to turn on the reader’s mode, and in other ways described above, you can do it smoothly. With that, we suggest you have an adblocker from a reliable and authentic source.

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