UltraVPN Review 2023


Access anything on the web, privately and securely

With more than 100 server locations all around the world, UltraVPN is one of the best VPN providers that offer the best speed and safety process. Thus, this article will help you know about every little detail about the UltraVPN so that you can make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the best VPN providers.


  • No loss of connection speed
  • Best connection stability
  • Access to Netflix and Torrent
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Trial-period is available


  • Limited number of server availability

UltraVPN review: Is It better Than Other VPN Providers?

If we were asked to give a one-line detail about UltraVPN, we would say that UltraVPN is the new VPN kid in the market, that all other VPN kids want to be friends with.

When looking for a VPN connection, there are different factors that need to be taken care of. Some of the best features include speed, security, privacy, server location, and customer support.

About UltraVPN

With more than 100 server locations all over the world, UltraVPN makes sure that you can access servers anywhere you want. No matter if you are on a backpacking trip to the Maldives or a part of South America, you can find an UltraVPN server location wherever you need.

UltraVPN doesn’t believe in data limits, and thus, it’s main focus is to let you have the best security and privacy that you need for browsing and other online activities. If you are looking for a global server location, you need to take a look at the UltraVPN connection provider.

UltraVPN key features

All beginner VPN users will love the fantastic features and options provided by UltraVPN. Following are some of the primary features offered by UltraVPN.

UltraVPN: Speed

Speed is one of the most important features that people need to consider when they are thinking about getting a VPN connection. No customer would like to wait for hours to get a proper connection and speed so that they can browse or stream online videos. Thus, it is important to choose VPN providers that can help you get the perfect speed needed.

Most often, the farther the data travels from the VPN, the slower speed will be available for the speed. To check the speed offered by UltaVPN, we tried to test the local speed as well as international speed. Following are the results obtained:

UltraVPN: Server Location

The location of a server in a particular country and geographical location is another important factor to consider when you are looking to get a VPN connection. Most VPN providers have server locations in more than 30 nations, thus offering pretty good coverage. The server location is important as it determines the data traveling speed.

UltraVPN offers servers in more than 50 countries, and thus, it has pretty good coverage when it comes to the server location. Since the company has been active for just a few years now, it is still expanding its server locations and other factors. Most servers of UltraVPN are located in North American countries. Due to a bit smaller server network, few customers may face dampened and lower speeds. But overall, the speed is good enough for basic activities like browsing and streaming of videos.

UltraVPN: Platforms and Devices

UltraVPN is compatible with different platforms and devices. It contains dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, as well as iOS. In addition to this, it also includes a browser extension for Google Chrome. Before you get the VPN connection by UltraVPN, keep in mind that the Chrome extension by UltraVPN works as a proxy server with encryption.

This means the server will encrypt all data that goes through your device, and it won’t flow through the browser. In addition to this, UltraVPN also allows you to use a maximum of 3 devices with a single connection. Thus, for people with lots of devices, it can be a major issue. But looking at the price and value offered, you can easily choose an UltraVPN connection.

UltraVPN: User Experience

UltraVPN offers a website with one of the best User Interfaces. The app, as well as the desktop version, is pretty easy to use and navigate. The ap is pretty functional and lightweight, which is good even for an aging Windows 8. Running the app won’t be a difficult task, even for a beginner. It won’t affect your computer and system negatively. Your computer processor won’t slow down, as many VPN apps lead to slowing down of the processor.

The app layout is pretty interesting and provides buttons at convenient locations to help users get the best performance. Very few advanced settings options are available for UltraVPN. Thus, advanced VPN users can easily make customized changes in the app as per the requirement. From the main User Interface to configuration and installation process, every step of the process is pretty smooth with UltraVPN. The only difficulty associated with this VPN provider is that they don’t offer a search option.

Thus, you have to manually check the server location after scrolling down the list. Certain language preferences are also provided at the main site. Therefore, it becomes very convenient for users from different regions and locations to use the UltraVPN app. Overall, navigation and other functional options are pretty amazing, and it works well for an advanced VPN user as well as a beginner.

UltraVPN: Security and Encryption

Many people use a VPN connection just for security and encryption purposes. If you are one of them, you might be interested in knowing about the security features offered by UltraVPN. In terms of protocols, many VPN providers come with options like SSTP and L2TP. But, UltraVPN doesn’t experiment too much, and it offers a single and most secure option called the 256-bits encryption. In addition to this, UltraVPN also has its own DNS server, which means that any log or traffic to a user’s devices is not checked or logged by any third party.

Thus, your data and internet activity is completely safe and secure with UltraVPN. In addition to this, users should be pretty confident about the Ultra VPN, as they maintain a leaking safety. Thus, no data is used by any party, including government organizations. Many reports and sources suggest that UltraVPN is totally leak-proof, and no cases of data leak have been found over the years.

UltraVPN also comes up with another security feature, that is known as Killswitch. The kill switch feature helps you to secure your data ad traffic in case VPN connection drops even for a single second. With this feature, the software will stop working, and your internet connection will also stop. This way, your privacy, and security will be totally protected. The kill switch feature is used by many VPN these days, and this feature must always be considered in case you are looking to get a VPN connection.

UltraVPN: privacy and login Policy

Nowadays, every VPN provider comes up with the best privacy feature known by the name, zero-logging policy. As per the UltraVPN website, they offer zero-logging features. This means the company keeps no log about the internet activity of the users, and there are no chances of revealing your log to any third party for monetary or other gains.

This feature means that the browsing activity of users through this VPN connection is totally anonymous. As per the information provided on the website, the only data company has about the users include signup information and the IP of the users. But as per the privacy policy of the company, they don’t use any of this information against the privacy of the users. Thus, when it comes to trusting a VPN provider with your privacy, you can totally trust the team UltraVPN.

UltraVPN: Torrenting and P2P

The company is totally against illegal download and use of content. But ULtraVPN I snot against P2P sharing. With UltraVPN, you can easily download and use torrents to view and download unlimited content. Your torrenting activity will remain totally anonymous since your network is totally encrypted. Nowadays, some VPN providers throttle bandwidth and speed when a user tries to go for torrenting or any such activity. But, when it comes to using UltraVPN, you are free to go for torrenting and P2P activities.

UltraVPN providers are pretty relaxed about this situation.

In addition to this, you will be happy to know that UltraVPN offers the best speed, which makes it pretty comfortable and convenient to go for torrenting and other P2P activities. When it comes to torrenting, UltraVPN can offer you some of the best results as compared to other VPN providers in the market. Your Internet Service providers may try to throttle your bandwidth if you try to go for torrenting. In this case, using a VPN can be the perfect way to get an encrypted tunnel that can help you to get safe torrenting benefits, without compromising on speed.

UltraVPN: Netflix and streaming

Most people get a VPN connection just to enjoy unlimited content from Netflix. You won’t be allowed to watch certain shows and movies from other countries on Netflix if you don’t have a VPN connection. Shows like Avatar are not allowed in the USA, but it can be easily watched in countries like Thailand. Thus, if you want to watch Avatar, even while you are staying in the US, the best way is to get a VPN connection. 50% of the population get a VPN connection, just for the sake of getting access to unlimited Netflix streaming.

Many VPN providers are unable to get rid of the geo-restriction, and thus, you won’t be allowed to watch shows from other countries, even if you have a VPN connection. But, you don’t need to worry, as UltraVPN comes up with a feature that allows you to crack down the geo-restriction so that you can have access to any Netflix content you want.

UltraVPN comes at the top spot when it comes to Netflix streaming services. After using their streaming services, we found almost no glitches while streaming Netflix, and we also got enough speed to watch unlimited HD videos on Netflix. The best part about UltraVPN is that it has a totally dedicated Netflix server, and this server also works well with other streaming providers like BBC iPlayer.

UltraVPN: reliability and support

The response time was pretty quick, and the support staff offered us help in the best way possible. Although we had a bit of a hard time explaining our issue initially, gradually the staff understood our issue and gave us a satisfactory answer to our queries. The representative was friendly as well as professional in his approach, and he answered our questions with utmost patience. Ín addition to this, it is quite an easy task to get connected to the support staff as you will be connected to support staff within 30-seconds. All you need to do is to provide them your email id, and they will connect to you and reply to your queries. Unlike different VPN providers available in the market, the UltraVPN support staff is available 24*7, and you can also contact them through a toll-free number.

UltraVPN: Pricing

The UltraVPN packages are available at different prices, depending upon the duration of services they offer. You may get a package for a single month, six months, or even a year.

It is always advisable to go for a long-duration package, as it is more affordable and economical. In addition to the affordable pricing, UltraVPN also offers a 7-day free trial account and a paid subscription program.

The free-trial plan allows you to connect to countries like Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Romania, and Switzerland. But, once your free trial is over, you will need to upgrade it to get a premium package. You can choose any monthly-package you want as per your preference. All benefits and services are the same, no matter what is the duration of the package. The only difference is that a longer duration package means that you will get better deals and discounts.

If you are worried about the payment method, you will be happy to know that various payment options are available with UltraVPN. Thus, you can choose any payment method you want. You can pay through your debit cards, credit cards, or even PayPal payment method.

FAQs Related to UltraVPN

Q. Does UltraVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, as per the website information of UltraVPN, it can work pretty well with Nr=netflix. In fact, 50% of users use this VPN provider just to get benefits of unlimited Netflix streaming. The homepage says you can completely unblock the web as you want with UltraVPN. We tried to unblock Netflix at our location in the UK, and we were successful in the first attempt itself. The speed was good enough to watch HD videos on Netflix, and we loved the overall experience with UltraVPN. In addition to Netflix unblocking, we were also able to unblock Hulu and HBO GO. Unfortunately, we were not able to unblock BBC iPlayer from our location. But, many customers claimed that they were able to unblock BBC iPlayer too. But, if you want access to BBC players at any location in the world, it is advisable to go for other VPN providers like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Q. Is UltraVPN good enough for torrenting?

Although the UltraVPN website doesn’t specifically talk about torrenting as a service or feature offered. But, the VPN surely allows people for torrenting activities. When it comes to P2P sharing, not much information is available on the website, and thus, we tried to connect to their live chat support to get a proper answer to the query. As per the answer provided by the representatives, VPN is essential for torrenting activities, and thus, I knew that UltraVPN allows torrenting activities. Although, the experience with torrenting can differ based upon your location or the country you are living in. But, overall Torrenting activities are not promoted, but they are allowed by UltraVPN.

Q. Does UltraVPN keep logs?

Nowadays, most VPN companies specifically speak about the no-log policy on their websites. As per the privacy policy provided on the website, UltraVPN keeps certain logs, but these logs are related to the IP address of the user, location, and device information. All the information can’t be used in any way against users, and thus, there is no problem in providing this information to the VPN providers. But when it comes to keeping track of activity, UltraVPN has a strict no-log policy. Thus, they don’t keep track of your internet activities, and thus, your data can’t be sold to any third party for any kind of monetary benefit. Thus, the company doesn’t keep any information about users that can be used against users at any time in the future. The no-log policy of UltraVPN has been tested a few times, and they have come clean with their no-log policy.

Q. Does UltraVPN work in China?

As per the website information, UltraVPN doesn’t currently work in China. But company sources say that they are working on getting servers in China so that people in China can have the best VPN connection. The regressive internet policy of China is making it difficult to get the servers installed, but as per expectation, soon, China will also be a part of UltraVPN.

Q. Does UltraVPN bypass censorship successfully?

Like many other VPN providers, UltraVPN also faces problems in getting connections in China. And thus, UltraVPN might not be the perfect VPN for people living or traveling to China. But, soon, they will have servers in Chinese locations too. But, UltraVPN is good for other countries with strict and regressive Internet policies like Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Thus, UltraVPN can bypass censorship sometimes, but not always at all locations.


UltraVPN is a relatively new VPN provider in the market, and thus, it can’t offer as much value as an established VPN provider. But, when tested for speed, security, and privacy, the VPN offered pretty amazing results. The speed was pretty good for local as well as far away locations. The security system included all those functionalities that are available with a well-established VPN provider. The best part was that you could easily unlock some best streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and HBO GO. Thus, if you are a person who is in search of content from all over the world, UltraVPN can be one of the best choices for you.

For beginners, installation and configuration can take up more time. But, you get the services of the best support staff to make your configuration and installation task easier.

The apps for all devices are pretty awesome, with the best navigational features and interface. If you want an affordable VPN with some of the best features, you may like UltraVPN. But, if you’re looking for pro-version, when it comes to VPN connection, it is advisable to look for a different VPN provider.

As far as privacy, security, interface, and usability of the app is concerned, it is best in the market. We hope this UltraVPN review will make your task easier when it comes to choosing the best VPN provider in the market.