Windscribe VPN Review 2023

If you have been looking for that perfect VPN solution for your daily use. Here is Windscribe review, which will be solving all your VPN related problems. It has many good features and is relatively easy to use as compared to the other VPN services you will be finding on the internet.

Also they are providing users with a 50 GB/month free data for lifetime for signing up totally free of cost. We will be showing you that how you can avail it later in the post.

What is a VPN and Why to Use it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. And what does it do, you might wonder? Well as the name suggests it is a virtual network which takes over your home network. in simpler words, all the data which is served to your machine, will then be coming from the VPN’s server instead of the original source. That is the main functioning of the VPN.

Now you might be wondering that why should you really bother to use a VPN at all? Well in today’s world, with the internet companies battling to get your online activity data and browsing insights, and use them for their own good. But that poses a great threat to your online privacy. Imagine the data companies tracking all your surfing, the time spend, and every other minute detail about your online activity. Sounds creepy, right? That is the reason people use a VPN service.

When you use a VPN service, all the data you fetch, comes from their secure servers. And the data company cannot really track that what all websites you visit, and what you do on them. So VPN will be securing your online presence, and making your time worthwhile. In this post we are talking about Windscribe, which is a good VPN service for starters and even advanced users.


The features provided by Windscribe are no less than any of the leading vpn services you will find out there. It has many servers setup across the globe. So you can fake your location and IP according to your needs. The speeds are blazing fast, and you won’t even realize that you have been running a VPN in the background.

Apart from that, the Windscribe is available across major platforms. The interface is quite simple to operate, and won’t need a manual to understand. Everything present there is self explanatory. You click on the ON/OFF switch to toggle the VPN activity. Select the country to want to surf through, and boom you will be good.

There are more settings, in the left panel, which you might want to check, but I don’t think it is necessary. But if you still need them.

Pricing Windscribe